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About the Founder and CEO of IHA and PCCHA

Online Health Center (Since 2003)

- Renuka Gupta

She has done her PhD in Clinical Psychology along with other degrees and certifications, which are Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical and Applied Hypnosis, Certified Past Life Regression Therapist from American Hypnosis Association, Diploma in Diet and weight loss management, Certified in Forensic Science and Criminology Profiling, Master Reiki Practitioner, Diploma in Homeopathy.

Her Registrations and Professional Memberships are as follows :

  • Registered Psychotherapist, College of Registered Psychotherapist, Ontario (CRPO), Canada

  • Professional Member Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA), Canada

  • Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist (IHA), Director - International Healer's Association

  • Bluecross - Interim Federal Health Provider

  • Registered ‘Clinical Psychologist’ with Indian Association of Clinical Psychologist (IACP), India

  • Professional member of Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA)

  • Professional Member of International Criminology Association (ICA)

  • IHA (International Hypnosis Association) Approved Course Provider for International Certification in Hypnosis

Her work and beliefs :

"Outside are just manifestations, all creations are within". Renuka is a Spiritualogist and has always been a believer of something far beyond Science, which is why she holds this notion within that, the ones who find her and eventually come to her were destined. Her work is a mix of Science as well as Psycho-spiritual Therapy. Working towards awareness, acceptance eventually leading to healing has been the path she walks on and her purpose has been to awaken others to their Life Journeys.

She believes just like there is no single remedy for different illness, there cannot be just one kind of therapy as a treatment. Most of her seekers have sessions twice a month, as she provides therapy recordings for home, so that they receive continuous therapy in this way. Science & Spiritual Journey, combined treatment is what she brings into her sessions.

She brings 20+ yrs of experience as a Psychotherapist (Canada),Psychologist (online India)Integrating psychotherapies with alternative holistic concepts giving better results in shorter duration, leading to Mind-Body with Soul healing.

"You are not just a part of creation, the Creator of every part is you" - Rens. She has passion to write quotations about Life and Soul Journeys. She has innovated her own Patented Technique called as HART (Healing Above Regression Therapy). She conducts research with selective participants who go into a deeper trance states, connect to Divine universal beings, and become the voice, to deliver messages for humans, animals, entire mankind and earth as a whole. You can find her articles from her research work at IHA Blog

She has a virtual team in place since Feb 2020, it has members from other countries, and they provide their Holistic, Energy healing modality services online, at rates which are far low. This virtual clinic was specially set up for those who cannot afford the high fees in their own countries. The members of this Virtual team are carefully chosen, and they are the best in their field of work. Learn more about the Virtual team work, who are independent practitioners affiliated to Renuka’s clinic. She works with her Therapy Dog named Angel, who is present during her sessions with clients.

Renuka has been providing online sessions WORLDWIDE since 15 years. She continues to offer online session from now on.

She also offers Online self paced Certification Courses, approved worldwide and at par with other intitutions, while some courses are innovative, new age. If you want to do a Job, or own a business, please go ahead and  click to access the online courses offered at 70 % off Discounted rates. 

For booking her services Click

No Phone Calls Please, She chooses to Practice Silence most of the Day when she is not Online taking appointments. She prefers to utilize all her focus and energy for people who are having sessions with her and also in-between keep working on herself, balancing the energies.  She is very prompt on emails, and offers all her seekers (Clients) the priviledge of emailing her inbetween appointments, whenever they feel they need to share something or need some guidance. There are no restrictions to the length or frequency of emails, applies even if a client has not booked any further sessions. 


"Blessings and Healing to all"

Dr.Renuka Gupta
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