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A Language no human speaks....but it Heals.....

Today was another Journey of a soul, the first Journey and yet so profound and deep. A Journey which was unsual and yet connected to the knowledge, that is slowly opening up and accepted all around the world.

He came to me as he suffered from Bruxism, and dissatifaction with his field of work. He also learnt Reiki many years back. He is also aware that, he is an empath. 

During the HART (Healing above Regression Therapy) session, even before I reached a point, to give his soul suggestions to begin its Journey, his soul was already amidst his soul family. His soul family were the tiny fairies, with whom he kept giggling during the start of the session. That was his first reaction when she entered the soul world. Those little fairies healed his throat, neck, chest, all made sense as he was suffering from Bruxism. The little tiny fairies also asked him to be more playful and fun loving in Life. This seeker ( client) lived with many inhibitions, thinking how will people around him, perceive his thoughts and actions.

When asked, if the little fairies are still around him in this human life, the answer he got was, yes they are in the form of flowers and butterflies. And no surprises the seeker is very fond of flowers and butterflies in this life.

The little fairy soul family he met, he was a part of them about 1000's of years ago. 

He was also informed about the purpose of his life. During the trance, he spoke a language, which is not spoken on this earth dimension, but he was informed that humans need this language for healing, the sounds of this language will shift the DNA of each human and make them prepared for ascension. Higher soul explained that the shift is in the DNA strand, he was told he has now four strands. ( If one google one will learn more about the 12 DNA Strands).

He was also informed that all languages spoken on earth have different vibrations effecting humans. He was guided to speak that language during his meditations and heal people around him by sharing it.

He was fluent with the language during the session, the higher soul told that the language will keep flowing through him as a guidance from role with him was to just let her soul open to the light, to the source and to break his resistances so he keeps moving on his path to be the healer he needs to be apart from doing her current job to fulfil her basic needs of life...🙂🙏🏻

After the session, he shared the expetience was so profound and his entire body felt like it was vibrating within. He also shared certain messages for me, which were very similar to messages I keep receiving from selective seekers I work with. He shared that, he feels asthough some block within him has opened up, and he does not feel anything resisting him any more. He also shared, he kept getting these messages before, a different language, but he kept it to himself out of fear of being taken weirdly or being odd. After the session, the seeker was more open to the idea of sharing that language as now he knows his purpose. 

" Free yourself from how others will see you,

And the universe will guide you lovingly to your soul path"

 ~ Renuka Gupta, PhD



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