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A soul in human form.....

A regression session revealed to me that each and every emotion which is existing in us, was instilled to reach our purpose and sometimes to help others reach their purpose.

Let me share with you revelations which I came across through the Journey of my clients during Regression Therapy.

1.   We sometimes do exist in different dimensions, era, time. One soul can exist simultaneously in one or more lives. Some of my clients existed in three different dimensions of life at one point. Meaning the client was living as a human being in three different parts of the world simulataneously in different age groups. One soul split and were born. So a soul (a person) who is living can be born again as a different human life for a purpose to be met.

2.   Master/ guide/ higher souls reveals how many more lives are left to be lived before we get emancipated/ reach ‘Nirvaan’. As a therapist I have been told by four different clients that the same number of lifetimes are left for me, and I was also told in which form I am going to be born again, in human or animal form.

3.   In order to reach the ultimate purpose of Nirvaan, certain emotions are instilled in you while you take birth to live a life. Some are born in this life with immense feelings of anger, shame, guilt, fear, sadness. We keep taking birth till we learn to release, let go, and Just be.

4.   We are protected by the higher souls. Even if you feel you are not worthy of receiving love, care, compassion, protection, that decision lies in the hands of higher souls. Masters always protect us, love us no matter what. We each are born with guardian angel/s around us to protect us, guide us till oir human life ends.

5.   When we feel strongly that we deserve this miserable life, or feel hopeless that we will never have a good life ahead, the higher souls will break this resistance in you, for you to heal and reach a learning and reach your purpose. If you resist to change or learn, the higher souls will bring situations which can come as a shock, and accident, a sudden loss, a sudden Jolt, till you wake up and once again focus on looking within and Heal and Change.

6.   The master said to one of my client: “Just be.....You are not a part of what is happening around you. Those souls have their own learning through their sufferings. Detach yourself from the suffering of other souls. Stop internalizing their suffering, it is their journey”. 

Detachment is also a concept taught by Gautama Buddha. Detachment means, when you do see your loved ones in pain, but you don’t let their pain engulf you and so are able to help them better, take care of them better.

7.   Higher soul/s says to another client in pain: “I will not let you fall, I won’t fail, I will be there in every Junction whether you believe me or not, I will take that suffering away, Just trust me.... I am always there.....”

" Remember, you are loved, you are a beautiful soul".

 - Renuka Gupta, PhD



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