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*About Old Souls*

Sharing few thoughts. 🙏🏻

*Points where, I have a different opinion than seen online*.

Old souls do not have trouble opening to people, so they are not an outcast, if they wish to gel with people, they do so with ease.

They are not loners, as when they mingle, they are the most transparent people you will ever come across, with nothing to hide.

Not all Black sheep of the family are old souls.

Yes in the entire family there can be one person who is wise like 4th or 5th dimensional level, while the others are still functioning at a 3rd Dimensional level.

Even if the outlook on life is different, they do not shy away from most people, rather willingly choose to stay away from groups which do not talk or behave maturely or wisely, but if they do meet the group, they end up spreading their wisdom to them without expecting a change in them or anything else in return.

Old souls always spread light where it is dark, but they do not prefer remaining in the dark for a long time.

People do see old souls as loners, but in truth they are not. They prefer the silence, going within, instead of constantly attending to the outside stimulus.

Romantic relationships and all other relarionships become much more stronger, genuine and deeper for old souls, unless the family around them are of 3rd Dimensional frequencies, then there will be issues, yet the old souls know how to detach and disconnect and not let it impact them beyond a certain level. This does not mean, they never feel angry or depressed or hurt, they do, but the intensity, frequency, duration is far low due to the awareness they have while they go low. On earth nobody can remain in peace and clam 24.7. Earth is a teacher, that is why souls take birth to ascend into more wisdom by experiencing earth.

Some old souls do feel they do not fit in this world, but it does not cause discomfort to them, they learn to be in acceptance of the place they are in and live the life they live and then move on to another form and place/ planet or Nirvan.

Even if people label old souls, the truth is old souls know that there are no rights and wrong. Neither they are right themselves nor the other people. Everyone behaves and thinks as per the level of wisdom of the soul. They do not judge and criticize themselves or others much.

Old souls do not make decisions as per their emotions, rather they simply follow their first voice, the gut, their intuition or the heart voice. They do not overthink a message, decisions are not made after a long thought, they might look impulsive at times while making a decision, but they prefer to go with the flow.

They do not doubt their inner voice.

Old souls do not believe anyone else can take advantage of them, they are well aware, they are responsible for what happens to them internally. An Old soul knows compassion begins from self, so if needed, they do show a mirror to the other person and explain them how their own behavior impacts them and not the old soul. In this manner they compassionately explain the other person to change their ways for their life to be more in the light.

Old souls talk a language which is as simple as possible for more people to grasp and implement in their life.

Old souls do not feel frustrated if others do not understand their words or thoughts, as they live with no expectations of how others should behave , think or feel.

Open mindedness never cripples an old soul, if it does, there is more internal work old souls need to do in this human body.

Old souls can also forget their journey, lose their path and go the downward spiral, even with all the wisdom the soul collected through many life journeys, before being born in this life.

Old souls need not find a place where they can belong, finding people who are like them, as mentioned above, old souls live in detachment, meaning no expectation from the external world.

Old souls are very transparent, they speak openly if they want to meet, not meet, talk or not talk even with their own family members, and it does not bother them what the other person thinks or feels, as they are aware that others are responsible for their thoughts, feelings and actions.

Blessings ! 🙏🏻😇

By Renuka Gupta



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