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Addiction, Meditation, Intuition, Dark Energies, Self Healing...

Messages from an Angelic being who works closely with the Earth in outer space. 

Topics are : Yes it is your intuition, healing through hands, inflience of Dark energies, Addiction and its Solution, Importance of learning a healing modality for self healing. 

Intuition or Human mind talking, how to know the difference examined once again. 

"Intuition comes as signs. Constantly showing numbers in a certain pattern. There are also other signs like numbers, images, light energies, laughter, anything that feels light, happy will be shown, it means that thought is your Intuition. 

The human mind interfere when the intuition self, comes to know something that the human mind is not ready to accept , that's constantly doubting it. 

Example through a lot of healers, it was very well known that there was going to be an outbreak of fire in the Jungles of Amazon and in Australia in the year 2019, but many doubted it. It is something that a human mind cannot accept, but it is a part of the universal plan, whether anybody accepts it or denies it". 

"If a human self is open, and do not doubt, the energies can help". 

Does light through hands heal people? 

Do many humans have this capacity to heal through their hands? 

"When you invovle a physical body, say your hands to heal others, and if there is a physical contact, a lot of energies are also transferred to the other person, say the healer.

If somebody is operating at a higher vibration or someone who understands/ senses energy and the flow of it which a lot of beings, humans on earth are becoming aware of which is the larger plan, that person can definitely pass on the lighter energies. One needs to also understand that it is based on the person who is receiving it, whether that person is receiving with full faith or with some doubts, which leads to whether that energy will process in their space (etheric) or their body (physical). 

When the physical bodies are invovled in a human earths plane, the person who is the healer will also absorb a lot of energy from the other person who needs healing. However if it is only energectically done, without touching the person who needs healing, a lot of the persons emotions stay with themselves and find its way out, rather than reaching/effecting the healer". 

Dark energies, or universal dimensional beings do they influence human lives? 

A lot of energies that are generated at every plane (dimension) which is not light and turns into darkness, also play a major role in the balance of a planet. So when a person that is operating at a lower energy, these heavier energies start clinging into it. They want that kind of lower energy which fulfills them and this is achieved by clinging to a lower vibrational being, say a human on an earth's plane. 

Some beings come from another planet, who are also operating at much lower vibrations, as it is not just on Earth, but there are other planets as well whose beings operate at lower vibrations. The ones (beings) who comes into awareness of celestial bodies, other planets having life, they very well can connect to the lowest vibrational beings and start operating and receiving energy from them.

Why do they do that, is it to harm lower vibrational humans? 

For any being that comes from another planet or solar system on earth, generally comes for fun. Later the fun turns into a habit and that habit is like an addiciton to them. So they keep absorbing all the darkness, that a human brings or creates, which gives energy to these lower vibrational beings. So fun turns into a habit, a habit turns into an an addiciton. Which is slowly de-mystified in the entire space. 

Solution for humans with addiction issues- drink, smoke, drugs, sex?

Rising up to consciousness, awareness of the source. Certain people have contracts with addiction, as earlier it was explained that everything that is happening has a plan. Certain people will demonstrate certain habits, however when they are demonstrating these habits, there is still a spark which is lit inside them. When they are constantly exposed to meditations , it will rise their awareness and their consciousness. 

Messages for Earth

The time is ticking faster, as you all know there are many higher beings born on earth. There are lots of energetic shifts happening on earth. We urge all humans to learn some modality of self healing to fasten your process of ascension. You need not be a healer in the future, but your self needs those healings. Bring it back to your awareness. Start developing yourself with a lot of interest and a lot of love through these self healing modalities. 

You can choose any modality, because all those midalities that are existing on this plane are necessary for human existence. Learn them and spread love, first to your self and to the world. Thank you. 

Healing to all !

Renuka Gupta, PhD

Messenger of higher vibrational being - Gurjot Kaur Chandan





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