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Born Fearless

If we were born Fearless, Why do we take on Fears as we live ?

It is said that Fears are a part of this Physical world on Earth, although there are other planets as well, where Fear is a component of Life.

What is the purpose of Fear on Earth ?

Although we are born fearless, we are slowly taught, to be cautious to be Safe. Like a child is told to be cautious of Fires, to prevent from getting burnt. Those children who remain fearless, end up getting burnt, only to learn that to be safe, one needs to be cautious.

So does that mean remaining in Fear is necessary for Humans to survive?

The answer is not a straight 'Yes or No' answer. Fear does have a role to play on Earth. Being totally Fearless and Being in excess Fear ,both are high intensity energies which are a hindrance for ones survival.

On Earth, in any form, be it human, animal ,inanimate or invisible form, Fear is also necessary. Humans have been focusing since centuries, to be Confident, Fearless in order to gain Success, Power, while many have lost lives in this process.

The many Kings who fought the wars were called the fearless, but the question remains, those who remained alive, were they alive because they were fearless or were they alive because of the sacrifices made by others to ensure their safety?

If the goal is not to be fearless, does that mean, one should remain in Fears ?

The answer is again, a matter of intensities and the role one has to play as per the situations at hand.

Every trait, positive and negative has a significance in human Life in this Physical world. The learning is not to be completely devoid of a trait, but to learn the Balance. Also there is never a state of perfect ,never ending Balance in a physical world.

A Human Life cannot live in extremes, nor can accomplish the extremes at all times, that is , either to be Fearless at all times or to be in Fear every minute.

The truth remains, even if the human mind thinks, feels that one is continuously in fears, it is an illusion, not a reality.

There are micro moments of Fearlessness between heightened fear, and also moments of Heightened Fear, while being Fearless. One cannot exist without the other. Both these intensities of fears remain in a human at all times.

So what should one do with these Fears ?

Accept them, know them well, tame them..

How to do that?

By being in awareness.

Does that mean one needs to know when one is thinking fearful thoughts ?

No, awareness does not involve thoughts, it involves observing the mind (Thoughts) , the body (Sensations).
Only observing..., Not reacting, not telling ones thoughts to change, or be positive.

But the thoughts keep coming, how to dismiss them and just observe ?

By developing a habit pattern for the mind to observe the Breath, the incoming and outgoing breath. Just being aware of it from time to time, while working or doing no work, with closed or open eyes.

But, isn't "breath watching" also like distracting ones mind from thoughts? Like counting from 1 to 10, to distract oneself from the situation at hand ?

No, breath watching is allowing your mind to focus on something which has been happening since day one of your life, since the first breath you took when you were born. Your breath always remains a part of your human life, it leaves you when your journey as a human ends.

Breath has a significance, because our breath is the only thing which can be controlled, like the speed of breathing or the depth of breathing.

Breath is also connected to our thoughts, emotions. When one is Angry, our breathing is fast and hot. When one is depressed, our breathing is slow and warm, When one is anxious, ones breath is cold and fast.

Developing a habit for our minds to observe ones breath, make us more aware of thoughts, emotions rather than reacting to them or trying to change them.

When we distract ourselves by the counts, we are still reacting, not observing. Awareness is lost in Reacting. As reacting still means, your mind is in control.

Being in Awareness means, no more control or resistence, It means more in Acceptance.

A human Life is not devoid of ups and downs, so controlling when one is down, and telling oneself, "one is fine or will be fine", is going against the imminent reality, which is the true cause of all suffering in this world.

Acceptance and Awareness is the Key to Human existence and evolution. Being in Acceptance means, one is no longer resisting what is happening around us and within us.

We often forget, nothing is Permanent, not even the Pain. So the longer we resist a reality, the longer we remain in an 'illusion' (thoughts created by our mind) , and it is this Illusion, which is the true 'suffering'.

Illusion is the True Suffering - Rens

If we are in awareness, we no longer remain in a illusion, but in Acceptance.

We are aware that Pain comes and goes, Happiness comes and goes... Nothing is Permanent in this Physical World.

Blessings to All

Renuka Gupta, PhD, Founder of HART

Being the Provider of HART brought significant changes in Who I am along with the continuous "Universal Downloads" which happen from time to time. Most of my articles are a flow which comes at one go. Sometimes, I do pen it down, and sometimes it remains a part of others Journeys as guidances for their Life, in hope that they become the torch bearers for others in need. 🙏


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