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Dreams- A Self reflection

When Dreams come true,

It is called Life

When Dreams do not come true,

What is Life called ?

(Life will have moments of Dreams which never came true, and dreams which came true and some surprises at times, it is all about accepting everything about Life, even those parts which we Never Dreamt About)

Either you are Living

Or you are dreaming

You can't do Both....

(Many of us spend lots of time in overthinking about future, while in the moment, all you need is to Live everything that is happening in the now, be it Boredom, failure, Loss, Unhappiness or Success, Excitement, Happiness etc...)

What you Dream

It shows up in Life...

Do you feel,

All that a life has showed you,

Was once your Dream ?

Does Dreaming Manifest into Life ?

(Your soul connected to the Divine has carved its own Life and purpose, some are the inner voices, which we listen to, when our Mind is Silent and stable, which guides the forward Journey. Dreams are thoughts of a future we would like to enter our Life, but it is a mind-chatter, it keeps us away from the inner voice, the voice of the Soul, the guidance received from the Divine..)

Dreams manifest a Fantasm about Life, as thinking about what is still not there, is a fantasm....

Renuka Gupta, PhD, HART Founder


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