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Earth Messenger speaks...

We are pleased with the progress, the resistance is breaking, there is a truer giving of the heart, to the task at hand, with that, the peace grows, the quiet space expands, this is necessary. We are going out and expanding further.

There is a mission on Earth to be done. There is a need to break the internal resitance and that is happening, we are pleased.

Vibrations on Earth need to raise, the work at hand for all is to raise the vibrations, the earth is doing its part, it is healing, with it it is clearing the unwanted, unencessary, like clearing, tilling the earth for replanting. There is a need to till the earth, open and remix the soil to bring new life force. There is pruning that needs to hapen to allow the strong and fruitful to grow and fertile soil vibrations will raise as the awakening progresses.

Humans are opening and they are more aware, others need to die to eleviate the darkness, allow the light to expand. It is a cycle, of great earth, like nature prunes that which is not useful, which is no longer living or giving, you prune it with the health of all. The earth is beaming with life.

The earth is alive, it is gaining in strength, it is nourishing all that is on it. Rebirth, eyes opening, heart lifting, incredible joy, expanding, that is the direction towards which we move. Unity of it all, the physical and the energy such a beautiful harmony. The energy cleanses, opens and heals the strength of the earth nourishes and grows.

All is balanced and there is much pruning to be done. There will be fear as the pruning continues, there will be fear as what is no longer alive is cut back, fire, water will destroy and cleanse. All for the good and the opening of peace, don't be afraid, it is natural transition necessary for elevation of the souls frequency, the light, achievement of peace within and without the unity and expansion of love.

Let the light shine...

There is a need to honour light, to honour life, need to fill the earth with everlasting love.

Therapist - Renuka Gupta, PhD

Message by - Earth Messenger ( Using HART Technique)




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