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Father and Mother of Fairies speaks today

"Am the father of the fairies, am the mother of the fairies. The happiness that is sourced into your planet, is produced in our land. Each child born on your planet, the soul that moves into the #child has friends from the fairy land, the soul does not feel alone as these fairies are constantly around. 

New borns eye ball movements 

As you observe the children who are new born, they keep #moving their #eyes. The #Science on your planet says that their #eyeball #movement is not stable, in the energy world they move with us. They interact with us and they feel attached to us, before they build a strong attachment to other human beings in their new space. We make sure the needs of the child are met, it is our responsibility. The #intuition that the #mother gets, we #accelerate the #wavelength of the #communication. So the child and a mother communicate more strongly and quickly. 


Even with the children who are orphans, you will find more number of fairies around them. As it is our responsibility to make the soul feel secure, so that it can take up the work out has come to do on this planet. If you call us for your rescue, we are always there moving around you. 

Animals, Insects know us

The animals the insects know this very well, as they can see our energies. We believe in working in collaboration and in isolation, as all souls are one.  Divine power flows through us There is flow of such divine powers through you that are being assembled into the crusts and layers of this earth, which is cleansing you completely. The detachment plays it's role more efficiently. 

Dream interpretations 

Dreams have always been the place where the subconscious and the spirit world functions. With the present times on these planets, these processes have also been accelerated, this acceleration is leading to remembrance.

Dream work, vague dreams

It needs to move away. It is the new reality that is showing up. All the karmic patterns that are arising into different people's reality , they are all rising up for a release. The work that you do, when you are awake as a human to clear these patterns, it multiplies into thousand times when you are sleeping. These cleansing, these clearings, these realizations, and the creations are happening at tremendous speed which is equivalent to the speed of the light. The human mind is still not capable to record everything at this speed.  If there are vague dreams, if there are pieces, all you need is to let them fade away, not stick to any of those images. It's also a way of discovering your true selves about the roles that you play on this planet. 

Our roles contributing to Cosmos

The roles and your part that you play on this entire cosmos, as you are a valuable being. Your contribution is creating so much in this entire cosmos, while it needs to proceed further. Every creation is a manifestation of the divine, so every role that you you play, whether in dream, in reality is a part of that process. 

Blessings sent for all

We cover the entire planet with blessings, the sheer unconditional laughter, happiness and beautiful creations. 

Message for therapy dog Angel

There are blessings for your little one the therapy dog. He has made huge contribution into many lives, whether it is human kind or animal. His contributions are celebrated in our world, and we bless him , for all his selfless deeds and acceptance of each being so openly, without even communicating in their language."  Renuka Gupta, PhD, using HART Gurjot Kaur, Inter-Intra gallactic connector



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