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Focus on the unseen

A seeker under regression reveals on March 2019

How is the physical form of humans -

It's bands of light, dancing, connecting, flowing in perfect synchronicity, there is a flow within,  dont feel the body, it is just a movement of light.

It is within the body and beyond, everyone is connected, everything flows, separation is an illusion, everything flows from one to the next, holes exist where energy doesn't flow. We need to open paths, the connection.

All physical things are illusions, everything is a flow of light of energy. Those who cannot see beyond the physical, create holes in the flow. Eyes of the soul need to be opened to establish the complete flow. Awaken, unblind the eyes, unblock, the energy needs to flow, humans are stuck, they have lost, the upper connection, the true connection, it is a simple flow of energy translated to light. 

How do we help to unblock?

We have to be open. Touch, connect.

After palms were placed on seekers forhead by the therapist-

Although a message for seeker, but applicable to all humans.

I feel energy flowing, strength. I need to walk more firmly on my path. I am not doing enough spiritually. I have to open up, and reach out, I dont need to be anything other than what I am, I am enough. I need to give up the thought that there is something lacking, I need to simply walk the path, and it will be done, I need to move and stop sitting and move forward. I have the strength that is needed, the rest will be acquired, I am good enough. I cannot keep saying, that I am not. Everything , everyone is good enough.

The doubt is earthly, it is not from above. It is not your inner voice telling you to stop listening to it, keep moving. There is no failure, there is only movement. You have a mission, a mission to help others and you cannot let the doubts stop you.  

You are strong enough and you are not alone.

We need you, to move forward. The rest we will take care of. Move, practice, move, let the energy flow, listen to it, feel it, it is there, the doubts of you not feeling are your own. Your need to stay connected, do not doubt your self.

Your desire to help needs to move beyond the physical, stop taking care of everyone physically, reach beyond that, light moves beyond, it moves throughout everything, nothing survives wihout it, stop trapping it. Move beyond. You are enough. You have always been enough. You are part of the whole. 

You have been brought here for healing. For strengthening, both of you have your work to do, keep moving. We will guide you. You are loved, both of you, we will never leave you alone. There is a light enveloping both of you, as a whole and as part of a bigger whole. You are important to the whole. Your mission is to open eyes, to allow others to feel, to allow others to sense the flow of energy, the world beyond the physical. 

The universe, the whole, souls must be wakened. We all need to reconnect and be aware, only in this way will the beautiful flow be re-established.

The earth is alive with energy. Those walking the earth and within it are part of the energy flow. Everything is energy. We need to heal the holes, awaken the souls, help them to see and feel, life is about feeling and sensing, energy is life. Life flows through everything, it is the breath, it is the reason. Step into the energy flow and live.
Physical illness is - the blocking of energy. Everything is contaminated, people have lost the focus beyond. Salvation is to bring them back. Everything is hurting the earth, the people, people are children of the earth.

How did we contaminate?

Thoughts, smallness, disconnect with nature, solitude, losing sight of the connectedness. We are all connected, thinking that we are not is an illusion. We must respect one another, nature, no one is the owner of anything. It is to think, to try to control, try to will something that contaminates. We act as singles, but we are connected. 

People want to know, but they only know what they see, what they touch. There is more than that...They choose to ignore , what they don't understand. It is not for human understanding, to believe in inner knowledge. They are becoming the physical form and ignoring the other.

You need to strengthen your link with the non-physical, you have a strong ability, to know the unknown and unseen, but it needs to be nurtured. The doubts are yours, not the reality. We cannot show you more without you being stronger. Do not feel bad , it is a transition, we are simply telling you, so that you can move forward. Acknowledging a block is not a flaw. It is opening the opportunity to learn and grow. You speak those words to others and you know them, but you do not use them on your self with the same knowledge. Your mission is to take care of people, but it is not in the physical, it is in the spiritual. When people come to you and tell you, that they sense a light, or they feel something positive in you, it is an acknowledgement of who you are. It is a reminder that you need to grow. Stop focusing on the day, today. Focus within, strengthen your connection. Through you others will open their eyes. You need to live, what you already know. 

Healing to all.....

~Renuka Gupta, PhD



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