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From the H(E)ART

Dimensional Sound Healer speaks in deep trance as a message for all.

Trance done using the HART Technique.

Topics - The Heart, DNA activation, Duality, Trauma and solutions, Importance of expressing, Timing of Activation, Information on earth is tampered, Role of Healers, Dream world, Purpose is human developed, Realms, Sense of Knowing is Powerful, staying centered, staying grounded, Words, Sounds, Vibrations- Guidance for therapist, Fears, Romatic Love, Illnesses, Humans stuck in suffering, Science, Religion and beyond.

The Heart

The heart doesn't need to be opened. The heart is the doorway to connect with the higher self, and then when it becomes clouded with other types of energy, the connection is not very clear.

Words used by Therapist and DNA activation

There are certain words that you (therapist) used earlier, that has resonated very much, and i.e. the hidden talents and latent gifts, they are beginning to manisfest slowly with the incoming frequencies, that are slowly hitting this planet at this moment and it causes, not as much as metaphysical changes but physical changes, as at the end everything is energy, energy stirs up a lot of stuff within, that needs to be cleared , to make room for it to integrate. Remember to stay in the vibration of Love and Joy and that supports the integration of these frequencies, which ultimately effects the DNA. On the physical level the DNA has two strands. Additional strands are not visible to the human physical eye. These additional strands are directly connected to the cosmos, through these cosmos you can receive frequencies, energies and information ultimatley. So these strands that are activated are multi-dimensional not physical. These strands when they are activated, they are actually connecting to the higher realms and when they are connected, human beings can then be able to receive information, gifts, talents and abilities that are beyond the physical world.

Duality and Traumas

We all live in duality world on planet earth. Duality means there are opposing factors, light and dark, good and bad, love and fear. This planet earth it's actually an existence of frequencies. Frequencies is the currency, it is all about energy. When you have certain frequencies that are embedded deep inside you, either through trauma of emotions, which are embedded through experiences, they will resonate when certain frequencies trigger these things.

In order to prevent having these yo yo highs and lows, it is imp for human beings to be able to release these truamas, emotions and energies from within their body, so that nothing can be triggered and then in that state when everything is cleared, even though these frequencies are penetrating through us they will not trigger anything.

How to release it and not let the trauma within trigger? 

The importance of expressing

Releasing trauma for human beings is a very physical thing they need to learn how to embody energies and allow them to physically manifest through their selves. The selves hold a lot of memory, a lot of trauma and it is through energy work, shaking, dancing, expression, art, singing, movement, words that it is expressed. Remember it is all about energy and frequencies. So how does energy express itself, a light bulb becomes warm because it is heat, it is the same for human beings, they must find ways to release, there is not a lot of expression in human race that is benevolent and beneficial, and humans need to find ways to do so.

Are there solutions to deal with trauma in human life on earth ?

Humans have a fear of feeling emotions, as a result of that they get buried into their cellular memories, because there is no way to release them. So it is a matter of learning how to feel comfortable in feeling emotion, which is a gift of being human, there is no need to be afraid of feeling fear in the body, having the heart rate speed up, breathing deeply, sweating, these are all feelings in physical manisfestations of energy, that human beings are afraid of and therefore supress. With love and joy it is the same thing , when people are very excited they don't show it, you can jump up and down, you can smile, you can laugh.

Timing of Activation

As a soul is born as a human, the vibrations from where a soul comes from, still resides in the body, genetics and DNA, they retain this information, so one can express oneself with these energies, for fulfilling the purpose a soul is born for on earth.

Activation of this is, as per the timing, and this timing is extremely important. There is a lot going on in the planet right now, as you can imagine, you can see and you can feel, and a lot of it is not positive. We are waiting for that golden moment.

We ( souls and humans) all feel it (the dense vibrations of pain ), It is not the time to express these vibrations, humans need to work through these denser realms first ( Earth is a denser realm).

Anyway one can help all humans?

Information on Earth is tampered

There seems to be confusion among human beings, there is really no good guidance out there, a lot of the leaders are not really leaders, and the information that has been brought upon this planet has been tampered with, it is not complete. Any one, any healer, any teacher, any spiritually connected person, it is their job and their responsibiloty to honor what they came here for, which is to release these information and these energies to support what we are going through right now.

How should all healers release these informations?

Through whatever channels that they are gifted in. Everyone is talented and knowledgeable in their own unique realm, and that is the information to be shared. The internet is a fabulous form of communication and resource for every single person. Majority of the people are somewhat connected to the internet, where information is available, so it doesn't matter how many followers you have and how large your audience is, the people who need to find the information will find the information. So whether it is writing, whether it is provding videos, presentations, do as you need and put that on the internet, those who need it will find it.

Dream world

Dream world is very very real, it is the access to the spirit /soul world and whatever happens in the spirit world, transcends down in the physical world. Dreams retain a lot of important information. Some may not be able to carry the information through to the physical world, but when the time is right, it shall happen for them.

You (therapist) come from a pure palce which is much more physical, similar to shambala on planet earth, but this place is on another dimension, it feels magical, very fairytale like. There is this beautiful waterfall, it is home to you.

What do we do in these dimensions as souls?

Purpose is Human developed

In these different dimensions there are no roles to be perfomed as such. Purpose is really something that human beings have developed. In the upper realms of spirits there is no purpose except to exist.

The Realms

It is more like a multidimensional sphere, where all of it exists at the same time over laying each other, so it is not flat in terms of, you enter through one layer and you exit into the other. It is all occuring at the same time in a big ball.

Sense of Knowing is powerful
There are certain stereotype labels for gifts and abilities, and lot of it is actually beyond that, and what you are referring to is " sense of knowing", it is much more powerful than perhaps being able to see, because the physical world is very deceptive, you may be able to see and hear things, but that may not be the real truth, and it is when you feel within your heart, and through every cell of your body, us when you will know the truth.

Staying Centered

We want to remind human beings that it is important to stay centered within your heart, as chaos increases on earth and it has not reached a peak , it is not climaxed yet, so you can imagine what is coming. During these times it is extremely important to stay grounded in your center space, so that you do not get taken away by all that is happening around you, and when you can stay centered and balanced in that space of clarity, peace and love, you will be able to not just survive ,but will be able to thrive and assist others, who are confused, lost, and in turbulance.

Way to stay grounded

To stay grounded is not just about going outside and hugging the tree without your shoes, we (higher realm souls) find this entertaining, as humans provide this information as the only way to ground. Grounding is about having a strong physical body, but also tapped into your spiritual self and allowing the two to integrate within your body. Our only suggestion to stay grounded during such times, is through breath work. Through the breath you can feel your spirit, embodied in your self, in your physical body. This is how we can strengthen that, through breath, presence. Breath is your connection to spirit. So when you breathe through your nose, you are actually integrating that into your physical body and that is our most preferred way to stay grounded on planet earth.

Therapist - Breath watching and observing the sensations of the body and not reacting to them is the technique of Buddha ( Vipassana)

Guides through seeker - Absolutely, absolutely.

Words, Sounds, Vibrations- Guidance for therapist

English words are not as powerful as what they should be, the purpose of words is really about the sound vibrations, there are certain words that just resonate, and "Portals" is one of them, when you said the word portal earlier there was a physical change in the cells in seeker's (client) body, and everything began to vibrate.

Every individual will respond differently to different words, so as a healer you just have to tap into your intuitive sense, and you shall know the words that the seeker needs.

More than any words, focus on tone of the voice, as that is actually most important. We noticed that when we were connecting, that you had elongated certain words during your meditation into trance, those tones are actually very effective and very very useful, so it is not so much about the words per se ,as they do effect the experience but it is more so about creating these tones, that you feel are imp and holding that vibration, such as ( sound was demonstrated).

Do not be afraid to hold those tones longer, as that will take your seekers into deep trance.

We are eternal and infinite, it is constant work for every single person on this planet, no matter how enlightened awake and aware a person is.

Is fear an emotion chosen and planned by a soul before being born?

Fear is a state of being, it is an energetic thing, rampant on this planet earth, and because we are energetic beings, and through the property of resonance, we will be picking up these fears, regardless. So you can come into this world in a body that is completely pure, but because we are resonators, we will pick up on fears, and slowly begin to integrate it within our body, that is just the way life is here on planet earth.

How to shield from fear, how to not let fear impact us ?

Fear is not Bad

Fear is not to be shielded, because shielding it means you are judging it as negative and you dont want that, and when we beging to judge we are not integrating, so in order to overcome fear, it is more about learning how to use frequencies and energies, sort of like in your study of physics. How does a wave cancel out another wave, and when you can work with frequency this way, then energies begin to dissipate from the body very easily.

There are technologies now, devices created by very unknown scientist and researchers that sre not very popular, but these are available on the planet and because of the suppression, these technologies will never be up on the mainstream, however technology is never going to be as advanced as the human being, as the physical body, as what you are capable of doing with your mind and your heart.

We prefer instead of using the technology, and to activate the human heart and the mind, as that is actually the process of ascension.

Drama ( pain, sorrow, trauma) of life is not a bad thing, it actually pushes the individual to realization of many things within themselves and of this existence. Never look at drama as something that should not occur, it is here to serve a purpose.

Romantic Love
We are all destined to be in partnership with someone, if that is the agreement. There is no need to worry when you will meet this person. There is a lot of pressure on the planet through culture and society conditioning that you must find this person at this time, at this place , at this moment in your life, but if the agreement ( soul agreement ) has been set before hand, two souls will come together and meet in timing. There is a perfect timing for all interactions and people that come into your life, you cannot speed it up any faster what is happening all around you, everything is connected, everything is occuring simultaneously together, and all the pieces must be aligned in order for that to happen , in the mean time before it happens, we would encourage you to continue to focus on what makes you most excited, happy and continue to exist in that high vibration and focus on the path , and all the other pieces shall fall in place.


Humans beings are very good at manifestations, they are just not aware that they are manisfesting, and while healers often times want to rid the body of all diseases, so that they are in the purest form, we have to understand that humans create these disharmonies within the body, for a reason, there is a purpose, there is a lesson, there is a direction that this will take the human on and by clearing it all out, some will never have the opportunity to learn the lessons, that are required on this journey, so illnesses are not a bad thing and there is so much assault on our physical body in our current world, we have to understand that illness is just trying to show us something, teaches something, allow information to come through in ways that, if we were in perfect health, these informations will never come through.

Humans stuck in suffering

Suffering and pain from illness is needed for Information and learning and growth. The spirit is very interested in growth and evolution, but not in the way that we think in 3D terms. We are interested in spiritually evovling into higher consciousness, and through suffering, that is the fastest way to get there. Unfortunately on the planet earth at this moment, people are stuck in the vibration of suffering, and they do not know how to release themselves through that, part of the reason is that, there is not a lot of information, of how to actually address the physical problems.

Science, Religion and beyond

Science is not a bad thing, science and religion both serves its purposes. But one cannot rely exclusively on either or both of these topics. The spirit is so vast in wisdom and knowledge, you have to understand that science is only a tiny tiny portion, there is so much that exists in this world thst cannot be explained by science, but every single person on this planet knows that it is real. 

Healing to all !

Renuka Gupta, PhD



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