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How to Live a Life ?

Universal being ‘Raka’ guides us today with the wisdom of the divine.

“All of you are so busy with your thoughts; you do not have the time to see what is around you, to experience Life for what it is. Life is beautiful, Life is Joyous, it is fun. It is an experience.

When you cut your finger, it is an experience. Visually you see blood flowing out; you feel a little discomfort in that area. It is an experience.

When you see a baby laugh, or a dog greeting you when you are home, it is an experience. These experiences invoke emotions; it brings you pain, joy or happiness.

When you cut your finger, it is painful, it is an experience. Because it is uncomfortable you name and label it, and dislike it. What you do not understand is that everything is merely an experience. Experience it. You want to place a meaning to it by labelling it as good and bad. Then you go deeper into thinking, why this happened to me, what is this all about, and more thoughts come and go like waves. Whereas Life is to be experienced.

Experience everything, experience life for what it is, not how you want it to be. If you wanted everything your way to happen in Life, then what is the point of experiencing life?”

Therapist - Why do souls take birth on earth for an experience, the purpose of it all?

“The true purpose of the experience is to get closer to the Divine Source. When you are in a soul form, it does not experience the way you do in a human form.

In a human form, by experiencing the dark, you know the importance of the light, by experiencing the bad, you have that deep gratitude for good. In a soul form there is no good or bad. You cannot experience these feelings in a soul form. You experience this wide contrast on earth in a form, so you know at the core, what the ultimate journey is all about"


Therapist input – From all the HART Experiences so far, we all know that Souls are also evolving, being a soul is not the purpose of Life. The Soul has been creating these universes to have an experience, eventually we all will return as souls, back to the Divine Source when the Journey reaches its completion.

Blessings !

Connector to Higher beings – Suhani Vaidya

Therapist – Renuka Gupta, HART Founder and Practitioner




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