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Illusions to Nothingness

Transcription of the above Video, with more inputs is given below

(HART Instructions were given for Gurjot to go to Nothingness, something like the Black Hole.)

“I have no Existence here

If feels like I am going in, there is no vision here.

I cannot feel the outline of my body”

Therapist - Illusions are dissolved

“There is nothing around me

It is dark, my voice is echoing, no, it is getting lost.

There is no sound”

Therapist- Be there for a while, SHIVA tell us how everything began, why it had to begin?

(Shiva as an Energy was brought in, as previous HART sessions, this energy connected at the most deepest levels, and shared profound knowledge, and one thing which Shiva as an energy said was “ I exist till Earth Exists”, this statement remained with me forever. It means, if we stop our Journeys, everything goes back, to how it was, Nothingness.)

“There are words echoing in my ears, and I am going to speak those words now

There is nothing that has become, it is there.

You already know it is there.

(What I know is there, is Nothingness, Pitch Dark, No Movement, No energies, No vibrations, Nothing)

When you believe to move out of it, it is not there

Most of the time you are told to believe in whatever you want or wish to achieve, how does that happen, that whatever you wish to achieve comes to you, because it is the construct of your mind that comes as your reality. You make it, you destroy it.

(Everything we know, see, feel, touch around us, is each of our own Creation)

What you like, you keep it with yourself,

When you dislike it, you give it away.

The Human attachments are also like that, when you like somebody or you appreciate their existence, they appear all around you, when you are done with them, they somehow disappear, because you do not wish to have it. This is happening in the world that you wish to create.

At this moment if you wish to leave all of it, and un-create everything, it has begun with you.

(This is how I have sensed deeply within, as a constant voice within, un-create, go back to where it all began)

Your question is from where it began, it has begun as an extension of trying to be different and that one thought is manifesting itself into several forms and structures.

(In this world everyone is trying to be something more and unique, and for this is keeping on creating things, our creations lead to expansions of everything we see on earth or the Universe)

You believe that there are forms and structures, yes, then there are and there will be, if you believe otherwise, that is your reality and it will stay the same.

(Our own Beliefs, makes it visible to us, which we call reality)

You have come across the space of your true existence, existence that is omnipresent, that does not mean that it is only available at this point in time, in this particular space, it is everywhere. It is you who is everywhere, it is me who is everywhere.

(Time does not exist in the Universe, as Time is also a construct you created)

You are Renuka, You are Gurjot, you both are a reflection of each other, similarly everyone around you is a reflection of you. The moment you bring all these reflections back into you, there is no disparity that remains, because all is one and one is all.

(If we hate someone or something, we are actually hating an aspect of ourselves which we see a reflection in that thing or person)

The space of non existence which is omnipresent is what it is.

(Nothingness is not one point, or a particular space, it is omnipresent)

Complete silence with awareness of the silence, helps in complete union.”

Therapist - Souls, universe, galaxies, planetary beings, planets, what is the purpose of moving out of Nothingness?

As we said that it is Just a manifestation of thought which kept multiplying. Every time a new space is discovered by a being on this planet that you exist, how does it happen, that before their time nobody discovered it. It is only in their time, that existence became a reality.

That is how you are constructing, that is how you create. Nobody is different from anybody, everybody is one. The day you understand that there is no disparity and there is complete oneness, is the day it stops.”

(Here although words like Beliefs, Thoughts, Union, Manifestation are used, these words do not completely justify the true message which was being delivered, it could only be experienced, words fall short for what was experienced)

Therapist - Thoughts as an energy which manifests things, explain that energy.

“The energy of thoughts is beyond the understanding of anyone at the moment.

Believe, that this energy is a thought which can be uncreated. Release the attachments with the need of finding more, understanding more, becoming more, reaching more. The day it stops, the day of complete union begins. Rather it doesn’t begin, it is already there.”

We both were guided to Meditate:

“Renuka we would want to connect with the heart of Gurjot right now.

We are going to take you to an experience and both of you are going to see what we show you. This is beyond the understanding of a human mind.

(HART sessions, whenever it connects to something deep, I have tears gently rolling down, this time, it was like a silent flood of tears, continuous, till the end of meditations, While for Gurjot, she had vibrations throughout her body, even after the session was over)

So keep your logical brains aside and connect the hearts. ……..(... means Pause)

Leave the minds now. …………


Rise above your bodies, both of you. ………..

Merge with each other now. ……….

(I never had visions, or auditory sense, What I have is a strong Clair Cognizance and little of Claire Sentience, all I experienced in this moment was silence, darkness, not pitch dark, but darkness, nothing moved, nothing was sensed, felt, nothing)

Did you see how beautifully it merged. There are no outlines, there is only oneness…………

Now merge with the universe. NOW………….

Merge with the divine now………..

Leave your existence now………….

(Total darkness, just remained there)

Be in the silence…………

(Even in my brief 15 min meditations, I have met this silence at times, today was a more longer one somehow, atleast it felt that ways)

The silence is your true state of existence…………….

This is where from now onwards you meditate. Meditate..


Reaching back towards remembering the union

You both have to enlighten many others to this state of union

(Gurjot felt asthough the entire Ego self was being shattered. I felt asthough, everything is our creation, while the only thing to be done is Observe. As healers we see greatness in oneself, that we have some unique power, or skill, which we are supposed to give others, to help them, this belief shattered completely, especially knowing, we all are one, and others are our reflections, we created everything, and here we are judging, changing, showing the paths…., it all looked so small today)


A gift of equilibrium and balance in these blessings”

Therapist- Gratitude, Gratitude, coming back completely to consciousness

6th Oct 2021

Gurjot Kaur (In Deep Trance, Voice of the Energy)

Renuka Gupta (Facilitated HART Session)


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