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Is Global Warming the Biggest Threat for Existence ?

Since few years everyone has been talking about global warming, the increasing heat in the environment due to a lot of man-made activities, and due to which an awareness is being build among masses that 'We need to Save our Planet'. Such a great cause, isn't it? But if we look closer, there are many other things which is also a threat to Human existence, and this threat has already silently creped in the minds of many people. What i am talking about is "Insensitivity". With the growing number of people becoming more and more selfish, and more and more insensitive to the pain of others, not bothered about what is happening next to them, they prefer ignoring it as either they don't have time, or they feel that somebody else will look into it. Day by day people are getting hurt in various ways: hurt by their own family, hurt by their friends, hurt by their colleagues, hurt by their employers, hurt by people they meet on the streets. It is true that Global warming has already begun, heat has already increased in the environment, but if we look it the other way, all this heat is even produced by the way people have started treating each other: minus compassion, minus empathy, minus Love. This heat is nothing else but the negativity which keeps spreading in the environment. We all know that it's the Man Made Actions which is causing our Planet to suffer. Why do you think even after knowing all this, still man made activities are taking palce which is killing our planet day by day. The reason is each man thinks, "the other one will reduce the activities which will save our planet, meanwhile let me fill my desires". It is this insensitivity which has grown in mankind which will ultimately lead to extinction of Human race. The reality is the Planet will keep destroying and recreating, it's the human which will be extinct from this planet. This insensitivity is more of a threat to mankind than Global warming. on the roads in the form of accidents one can see the insensitivity. Everyone is in some kind of rush. People drive on roads like crazy, not bothered if they can harm people, those who are bothered are usually the victim to others careless driving. People crossing the roads on foot or on vehicles, they are just bothered of themselves, how they can reach the other end, if any minor accident occurs, the fault is never theirs, and that's their attitude, and they move on. I would like to mention one such incident which took place recently with my own mother. We had just come from Mumbai, Baroda Express. Me, my mum and dad were at the railway station entrance and we were going to cross the jam-packed road with traffic, with everyone honking around. We had 5 big bags and 3 handbags. My dad was the first one to cross the road with luggage to get an auto which we had stopped, later i crossed with luggage, mum was left with 2 handbags and she was about to cross the road and suddenly an auto driver hit her from behind and she fell, another huge car was at the front of mum and was about to hit her after her fall. The car stopped immediately, but the auto driver seeing a 64 year old lady fall just 10 inch away from his auto, still kept moving further and the leg of my mum got trapped under the back wheel of the auto, i witnessed all this after crossing the road, while my father was still uploading the luggage in the auto on the side, I shouted to my dad, that mum has met with an accident, he ran to help her, the auto person instead of even apologizing, was telling my dad "I am from Navayard" suggesting that he had contacts with the 'Gundas' (Gangsters), my dad told we will see later, and he took mum and with few more females my mum was safely brought to the side i was standing where I was looking after the luggage which me and my dad had brought. This incident speaks a lot about how people have become. The auto was heavily loaded with people, after the fall when my mum was picked up, even the car kept honking as though nothing grave happened and even addressing that issue was a waste of time for the person in the car. All my dad did was note the number of the auto, registered an FIR, and we all know how quick is the legal process in India, and how easy it is for the culprit to escape all this.

'Sensitivity leads to taking care. and if you have the habit of taking care, you can take care of everything around, that includes our PLANET'.

Save Human Race and Save Earth.....

Renuka Gupta, PhD




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