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Message from Dimensional Sound Healer

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We (higher energy beings of the universe) are here, extremely happy to be here. We are in some very wonderful times, the energy is increasing and even though there are polar extremes, if you understand from our perspectives it is truly an amazing opportunity for growth and evolution.

Messages for all Humans

Humans will be experiencing a lot fo discomfort in the next while, and a lot of it has to do with the bodies adjusting and integrating with the energies that are flowing through. Many of us have not worked at this for a while and the body is not used to these adjustments and these energies coming through. So many will feel discomfort, as all these buried emotions and experinces and traumas have never been released before and all are coming out now. We hope that whatever work we are doing currently (in the session) can assist humans in making this transition a lot more smoother.

Healers are important

Healers are very very imp for this particular part in our journey, healers of all different kinds will be needed to support the transition for those that choose to stay. Events and chaos will continue to increase over the next while, and there is nothing to be alarming about this, it is just a process, and the less resistance an individual has to this whole journey and to this whole process, surrendering and allowing things to flow through, the more comfortable and easier the process will be.

Alternative ways of healing

Humans are also becoming much more open to alternative ways of healing, more receptive to energy, unfortunately over the years through the new age field, there has been a lot of, we will say not quite honorable people who have perhaps given an impression of these sorts of arts and healing in ways, that are not helpful for what it truly does do and stand for, and it will take very special individuals that can help change and shift back and open peoples hearts and minds back to this gift.

Not Just physical problems on Earth.....

We would like to mention that it is not just going to be physical problems that humans are going to see more and more of, as well as relationship issues, financial issues, emotional and mental issues. Every aspect of life will begin to surface things for peolple, for them to address and there is again nothing to be alarmed about, nothing to be afraid of. Life is not ending if one does not choose so. It is just how energy works.

Love Relationships

The greatest relationship is where a partner can help one grow, that means a person that can reflect the deepest and darkest things within, that no one is willing to address and see, including ourselves. There are never always pleasant moments, however there is a greater purpose to it and all we have to remember is that the love that exist between the two will remind us the connection and purpose and to stay and keep working through it, not to give up.

No individual is perfect, and when we expect our partners to be like so, we will always be dissapointed. Just tune into the feeling of love between the two, in your heart and you will remember why you have come together.

The Source and connection of Beings..

The origin of creation is sound based. In that deep place of surrender and relaxation once connects to 'Source' (the Divine), and that place is where all healings originates.

Sound, Colors etc... Heals

Music, Sound with energy healing, sacred geometry, geometric shapes through the words and sounds one can create through ones mouth, these shapes actually penetrate into the field and effect objects, matter. There is also the use of colors, and many more of such methods for healing. Assistance and guidance for humanity at this time is exceptionally important, we encourage individuals to continue to share their gifts, as there has never been a time more appropriate and needed than Now.


It is a human made experience and the purpose of it on a more higher spiritual level, is to understand how to exist in the vibration of Love during these times. What is being promoted currently and encouraged are emotions of fear, panic and scarcity, and these are not the vibrations that we encourage humans to experience with this virus.

Every day and every experience in a human life is an opportunity to choose. 'Choice' that is one of the greatest gifts of your human experience and we would love and encourage you to choose how to exist still in a virbation of love and connection to source, where you know that everything you need will be given to you , our experience with these sorts of viruses that are produced by humans is that, it is all a vibrational frequency game, if humans truly understood how to operate within this world then you will realize that it is not very hard to overcome this. When we play in vibrations you choose to exist in love or joy or happiness and the connection, and there is not a chance that these lower vibrations can ever effect you. A lot is occuring for everyone including you (therapist) on an energetic level, cannot be seen by the eyes and these changes do effect us on a physical level but sometimes fatigue, pains in your body area is a reflection of various things occuring on the other dimenions and fields.

Healthcare field

The current healthcare system is old, flawed and there is no purpose. We can say there is not a good use and efficiency for energy to go in and change that flaw. New systems will be implemented and naturally there will be a transition. People will be drawn to new ways of doing things and the old systems will slowly disintegrate. Therapist - Renuka Gupta, PhD

The above session was done using HART, a Psychospiritual Therapy - (psychospiritual healing can be defined as: A therapy method that involves simultaneously engaging the body, mind, and spirit in healing mental health issues, moving beyond problematic life patterns, and overcoming traumatic life experiences)



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