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Messages from a Universal Space

Earth Messenger speaks..

Client - "I am in a calm peaceful place.I sense energy, waves of light, souls going about what they need to do. It is a happy place. I always feel good here, so light, it is like being every where at once. I feel wonder, it is like I have been here before. Right now am just here almost like looking at it for the first time and just being curious.

There are waves of energy cleansing. It is so much easier up here.

The Higher Vibrational beings of universe speaks (HVB)

THE VIRUS, the significance

"The virus has come and destabilized everything, it is intended to change like a current going through all on Earth. Something new to change, what is, destabilizing that which is too rigidly implanted. There is a need to shake to change and greet the new light. Everything had become a solid, unevolving. It has stirred good and bad, but it is intended to do that, to rebalance, to recalibrate. There was a huge insignificance that just kept growing and numbing.


Life is not like that, life is evolving, life is a dance between the dark and the light. It need to dance and move in order to grow, that what the virus has done. It is renergized , destabilized what was not working anymore. It has given the death a chance to breath as well, from the swirm and filth of humanity. The animals can breathe in a different way. The Earth can breathe in a different way. This is a wanted effect to change what was no longer doing anything. Life is about a balance that dance between the emptiness and light, without that nothing exists. There was a house cleaning too. You (Therapist) were right, too many souls clinging and not wanting to move, wasted energies that need to progress. Life is not stagnant, it is constantly moving and evolving when it does not move it does.


Trees to bear fruit, you have to cut off the parts that are not growing up that are just draining the centre core of the plant. The roots needs to sink into the Earth to pull nutrients from it, so that it can grow into the light and give fruit. So too the souls need to grow, experience, evolve and move on to new experiences, nothing can stay forever. Life is not like that. Nothing is ever stagnant in life. It is constantly evolving and changing, that is life, that is energy."

Therapist - Plants are an energy, they are there to also take care of the illness. Any guidance.


"Everything there on Earth is there to sustain life. In the right balance everything sustains life. Poisons that kill , in a different balance cure , everything is made that way. Everything has a duality, the negative and three positive. What kills can also bring life.
Humanity has created chemicals and extracted things that are not alive, they produce an impact on the living, but they don't nourish in any way. The are like disruptors. Ancient souls knew and were willing to learn, to try to combine, to use and to learn and by doing so, they renewed life on Earth and for human beings. Now that balance was destabilised."

Client - There is so much knowledge and it is so hard to confine within words. (sometimes in trance a client does feel that what is relayed to them as a message is beyond their capacity to comprehend and relay, this happens when their conscious mind comes and goes)


"The Earth is resting, it is breathing, it needed to take a breath, it has been ravaged so deeply for a number of years. It will continue to breathe for a while , the virus will not be tamed too soon. It was sent to open up a side for Earth to breathe. For humanity to get rechecked, reshaken up a bit to see where it goes, to make a change, to open its eyes. We have all sat here with the intent to bring light into the world. A breathing space, a resting place and a shake up for change. The change is just starting, let it set, let it evolve.

Many more need to go and leave that plane, energies need to wash the Earth."

Therapist - Is Canada being washed as well?

"Yes the is a light over Canada. The natives are still strong , they are dormant, their knowledge, their ancient wisdom is dormant to some extend, but it is not extinct and it protects the souls in Canada in a way that it does not elsewhere. There is a lot of wrath that needs to be taken away."

Therapist - Anything we can do for the natives?

"Seemed them your energy. Think of them and encourage them on a energy and non energy level. They need to rediscover some of their knowledge, assist them, keep them in your thoughts, send them your energy, create and enforce the shield that they built. They are strong, their heart beats strongly. They have thought a lot over the years to stay alive and the seed is still strong."

"This is not over, this will all be longer and people ploughed ( shifts, death). They will learn with patience or they will go. Like in a harvest where you seperate the damaged grains from the ones that are healthy, that is what is happening.

Those that are damaged would be thrown away and put back in the soul, so that they can decompose and feed the Earth. Those that are healthy will be planted again and bring new life and new energies as well.

They both serve their purpose, one in a way by decomposing and renourishing the Earth, the other by being planted into the Earth, growing and nourishing in a different way. They are both part of Life and both are important.. There is such fear of death and holding onto life, bodies that are deteriorating and being reconstructed with things that are not alive (chemicals consumed , injected and applied on face) , a fight humanity has fought, rather than accepting the natural process of things on Earth.

For such a long time it (holding onto life) has become an addiction, but that is wrong, it is natural for what is made for the vessel, for that which is of clay, the Earth the body it is natural for it to die. It needs to happen in a honest way. It is wrong to hold on to that which is dying, to find artificial ways of making it look or feel in a different way.

Life is not stagnant. Energy , life the soul whatever name you want to give it, the energy , the life needs to flow freely, it is not to be contained, that is not life. Life moves, life does not die, but the vessels (body) it inhabits do die and that is how the balance is made. One is not better than the other, it simply is.

Humanity needs to learn about the inner god or life, that is a part of them and unity of all, they need to respect it and they need to respect the rest as well, and not to change it into what it is not ( fights in the of religion, race, status etc..).

Each has its role, the life essence flows through everything, it moves on and that is what life is. It is not to be caged, like animals have been in Zoo's for the pleasure of those who want to come and watch. That is not the purpose of life, life is meant to evolve, to grow, to learn, to create new life. It is an endless cycle of life, all containing and never ending.


Humans have used different words, written them to describe the life forms or Gods, it is all the same thing. Life , pure energy is everything , it changes constantly, it creates worlds and destroy world's. Destruction is not a result of bad, it is simply a part of existence. It is a choice, it is the nature of life.


Humanity on Earth expects and creates things in what they perceive as their form of perfection. But that is their form of perfection. Perfection is not what one or some see as right. There is no right or wrong. Right and Wrong are energy sources, positive and negative and they coexist together. When you try, when humanity tries to modulate and create its sense of perfection, it destroys the balance by not acknowledging the other negative side, negative because it is not part of their perfection, their thought of perfection. "

Client - Concept is so hard to explain, it is so hard (suggestions were given for conscious mind to rest and once again the HVB speaks directly)


"Humanity physical body and mind create boundaries, limited by what they can see , by what they believe and the choices they make in life and energy has no boundary, it accepts all. Which is why it is alive and forever growing and changing. Life is not one thing or another, it is everything, all possibilities, all at once.

Free choice is the element that allows life to exist, as with each choice that a human makes, they evolve, they change , they allow energy too flow. When they modulate something they do not encompass choice, so the thing they created stagnates, creates the satisfaction. Humans have become empty vessels, constantly creating what their version of perfection, and it never satisfies them, because it doesn't evolve, they are tired of it."

By Renuka Gupta, PhD, founder of HART Using HART



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