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Past Life Regression - Animals do Pray

While growing up I have come across the idea every now and then that, human beings have more greatness than all animals. They are the only ones having more wisdom and conscience. This changed when I came across a life of a Vulture through a past life. The bond between a parent and a child is very well described for all humans, and many articles are also written based on the caring and protective nature of certain animal species. Today I am going to tell you about a birth as a vulture in past life, and the vulture who prays....

The client in his past life was a male vulture who was extremely affectionate towards his young baby vulture. During regression the client revealed how much the father vulture loved the baby vulture, and while the client was narrating, one could see how much the feelings of the vulture were pure and as a protective father vulture. 

The baby vulture was once caught by humans and put on fire to be cooked, the father vulture stood on the edge of a hill, and was praying so that his baby vulture is safe and rescued. That surely shocked me, as although it was the client who was narrating, but he was narrating the feelings of a vulture as a father and the act of praying surely speaks about the higher mind present in animals as well.

Somehow we as humans have given too much importance to the form, rather than on the Inner Wisdom and Love. Yes, animals do pray....and it doesn't matter in what form ( insect, animal or human) you are born, it's not the form in which you are born that matters, but how your conscience is...and it is indeed the conscience which defines Greatness....

"Love everything around, Loving comes with Truth, and Truth always brings Strength "

Take care !!

- By Renuka Gupta,PhD




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