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Planet of the Higher Being Arcturian

Topics are - The planet of Arcturian and the life, Earth ready to connect, what are we born on earth for?, Childlessness, Infertility, IVF and other procedures

"I am Ruchina, I am here to connect with you today, to make lives on earth happy and beautiful.I am an Arcturian. We have a planet, an entire galaxy that belongs to us. We are 107088 light yrs.

How a child is brougt up

We in our planet always rejoice and help each other find their path , any child that is born on our planet, it is celebrated with service towards that child. Each one in the community takes up a job for the child, like a responsibility at different age to provide help, education and learning through various means. It is always fun to interact with the larger comminity and to learn from every person that is around.

Council of Seven

The planet is run by seven leaders and one main guides them. There were never any wars or disagreements which happened, as everybody is in communion with each other. The lessons are to be learnt by providing help to each other, as it uplifts our own vibrations. I (Ruchina) am the part of that council of 7 people. We all have the responsibility to raise the vibrations of earth as well. We on the planet also contribute in the mass awareness that needs to happen in this universe. We have the technology and self actualization is so high that we can reach to each being on any planet and provide guidance".

Earth ready to connect

"Now on earth many things are shifting.Many humans are feeling that they are very different from what they were, when they were kids while growing up. This is the time when we connect to you and make you feel comfortable as major part of your learning is over, to come to this vibrational space that you are now. Hence many memories will be eroded, not many would remember what were their past experiences, and the pain will also be released. Many might only have a glimpse of their past, we are trying to make each one of you a being, who functions in the present, rather than the one who runs in the future".

Therapist - On earth the learning of the souls are through?

"Learning is through many means that the Hindu scriptures have nicely described. I would interpret them now.

1. One is the path of self perseverence, which makes you learn. There is a famous saying on your planet, try try try until your last breath. That is one part of your learning. Trying at each point makes you awake to many new avenues of a particular task at hand.

2. Similarly when you do service to others, it also creates a lot of awateness of your situations, resulting in learning of one's soul.

3. Next comes the Donation, that has been given a lot of importance in a soul Journey. Donation is not only in the form of money or food but also in terms of your capabilities that you are going to give to others. Share the capabilities with others without expecting anything out of it, because the product that you are going to create will have their own set of capacities that when they will be shared with others, it will create a new enlightened being.

4. Next is taking care of each other, whether you like that person. Whether you want to be with those set of people or not, but pray for their well being. It is very essential to put your ego sense of hatred, jealousy, anger away and just provide love to your fellow humans in order to raise your vibraions and enhance ur functioning on this planet. This collective movement will help each one of you to raise the vibration and accept what is going to come through on an everyday basis".

Message for all humans about Childlessness and Infertility.

"All the couples who experience this have consciously selected as their soul journey to understand what it is, to not have a child in this human life. There are many who have been parents of more than one child in many past births, they also want to experience what is it like, to not have a child.It is also a journey to bond together with one another and not just make a meaning of life, by having a child, which many may not have and hence the cycle keeps repeating till the time they find a bond between each other. It also opens up channels for them to serve others who have selected not to have parents, in your space (earth) you call them orphans. It is also the time when these people leaving aside their, creed, race, religion embrace a kid, nurture a kid which does not belong to them. This shows true meaning of humanity and human love. Also at the cosmic level there has to be a balance in the nature. So if there are certain souls who choose not to have parents around during their growing years on earth, there are certain souls who choose not to have kids, known as infertility in your space, which çreates än equillibrium in the environment and the energies are balanced.

"Therapist (T)- As humans why do they crave for a child, if that is what their soul journey is as humans?

Higher Vibrational Being (HVB) - "Humans are very funny beings for us, they always want something that they do not have and then they receive it, they crib for something which has created a shift in their life because of that thing , a persons presence. There are very few who embrace reality. They have to learn to embrace whatever has been showered as these showerings are their own decisions.

At the human level they need to learn to balance their emotions away from all that they need to listen, hear or understand about life. A sense of fulfillment does not only come by nurturing your own child, it can come through various means. This has been propaganded in order to increase the number of people that will be in a lineage, and seen as a certain kind of progress.If you understand the concept of nurturance you can beat nature and make a child born from another person yours, and truly blossom that soul in a beautiful manner.

Many women who try and create a perception around them that they do not have a child, this leads them to a lot of pain, and so they need to build the connection with their own selves. They need to understand that the physiology of that being (mother) might not be able to support one( baby), and hence in this lifetime they have not chosen to be a mother of their own child. Similarly for the men it is essential to understand that masculinity is not just giving birth to a child. Masculinity also means taking care of everyone and even your spouse with the same affections, whether or not you have a child. It is about bringing everybody together to create a beautiful world".

T- Women go through harsh methods like IVF , is it practical, realistic and something which is a part of soul journey, or is it the human who is tring hard to change its soul path. Pleas guide on this.

HVB - "IVF on planet earth has various perspectives. Although this science was develped in order to bring into existence a newer branch of scietific studies. A newer branch of opening your eyes to newer possibilities. Human mind is magical and it can create many things and this is one of them. When you undergo certain methodologies like these, it does not mean that you are going to be harsh on urself. It is the other soul that has decided to come through this methodology to make it more popular.Secondly , if there is no contract that is made by another soul (mother) to bring that soul (child) into existence, it will not happen through any means, as the lessons are not tet been completed by a human as decided by the soul".

T - When should one stop and know that it is not in their destiny to have a child, as many go through different procedures to have a child, like IVF's?

HVB - "There is a voice which comes from within (intuition / soul voice) which shows them as to how tedious the job is getting and whether the body is able to take that pain or not. There are many side effects and many women cannot even take that.

You only have listened or read about successfull cases, rather very few unsuccessful cases have been reported. So when your body starts telling you that this is not something that you need to stick to, that is the time when you leave any process like IVF or other therapies or medications that you are taking.You need to believe in your own self, as the connection with your own self will lead to connection with other souls on the planet. It is love and nurturance towards everybody that creates more love and not just by an existence of a child. Spread happiness, spread love".

T- Before you leave can you please raise the vibrations of beings on earth?

"In process..We together are covering the entire planet earth for next one month in comolete white ligt foe the absorption to take place continuosuly on everyday basis".

T- Thank you.

HVB- "Accept whatever is coming, accept the light in your life".

T- We all accept.

"Love and blessings for all".

T- "Thank you. Bless the universe".

Therapist - Renuka Gupta, PhD

Intra-Inter Galactic Connector -Gurjot KaurExtra Information

Angel (Therapy dog) is always a part of these sessions. Whenever a healing is asked for a person for whom the messages were asked as guidance during each research session, sometimes the mind, bod, soul release pain, sadness etc and this release is done by Angel in deep trance for that person. This message was also confirmed and verified by HVB in one of the HART Sessions done with research subjects.

The above session was done using HART, a Psychospiritual Therapy - (psychospiritual healing can be defined as: A therapy method that involves simultaneously engaging the body, mind, and spirit in healing mental health issues, moving beyond problematic life patterns, and overcoming traumatic life experiences)



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