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Soul born as personalities

I write below about how a soul is born, reborn , and existing in parallel reality as well as existing in different dimensions with parts of it in that being.

These are the trance Journeys of my seekers (word I use instead of clients), and the information which flows through me, to ultimately be let out through this article to all existing on earth. 

Let me begin by sharing the Journey of my own mother, who passed away in 2016. Since 2016 up until now, the messages I received through various seekers in trance and also through my research subjects who have been a part of HART, all narrates the same thing, she is born as a baby girl in a foreign (west) country. She is also as a soul chosen to be my Guardian Angel upto the end of my life. These two recurring statements were made by atleast 8 seekers so far over the course of 3 years. 

The message I received about my mother as a soul, speaks about, how her one soul part chose to be reborn for her further evolution Journey, as well as, how her another soul part (personality) is playing the role of my guardian angel while being a part of higher realms and helping other souls up there.

Another seeker of mine who is hardly in her late 20's and has MS, Pulmonary Embolism, stomach issues and many more issues. While she was in trance, she was told, why her human body has all these issues. She learnt in trance, that during her sleep her soul travels another dimension, to fight a battle happening on a different planet, and so when she comes back to this body, every morning, the seeker feels drained and extremely tired. The reason for her body to have so many illnesses is because the human body can no longer take these soul Journeys. So in trance she was finally able to let her soul know, she now chooses to be in this life, and work only on this life, while her other soul part, need to fight their own battles. 

Another seeker of mine was told that the reason for her bloating, body weight, sadness without reason, tiredness and irritation every morning was as a result of the Journey her soul made in her dream while sleeping, to help the children of a different planet. She felt so much pain for those children, that she brought back the pain with her to this life. She was given guidance by the higher ascendes soul guides as to how she can continue helping other beings of a different planet in her sleep, while also not feeling the pain within in this life. Since this trance session, she has been feeling lighter, within a week her bloating reduced, also causing a reduction in weight, by 2 kgs in 10 days. She eats healthy and doesnt feel the need to over feed, as her hunger pangs have reduced too. She feels much lighter, happier and clear of her path ahead. 

Another trance session where my seeker was of age 40, she was told by her higher soul /God/ master / angel that , to release the guilt from within her, she had to be born again as tge current seeker, she was also told that in her previous life, where she was a man, that man is still alive and lives in Barcelona. The details about the other life of the man was narrated in trance session, and the reason for guilt was also cleared. 

Here we see a case of soul splitting in two parts without transcending to death. It was an unsual case, but it spoke volumes about how souls as energy can take their journeys in and out of a form (human, animal or beings or even things). 

I can go on with such soul Journeys of my seekers, which show, a soul is endless, infinite, and its ultimate Journey is to be one with the Source, the creator. The creator in itself is infinite. 

We all are living in a time on earth where the movement of souls towards the source has speeded up, and those who are not in alignment with the evolution, remain still in the dark, because their hearts are closed and not open to the light, they will perish to be reborn, with a soul personality which will ultimately be a part of this evolution process, being one with the source. 

Seekers in trance also reveal how many life times are remaining on earth for them or in a different dimension in a human, animal or another form or as a soul before we meet the source. I ask my seekers a verification question, for which the answers have been given before by several other seekers. Verfication question is asked by me, just so that the seekers doubt less the messages of the soul, as in trance one feels it may be an imagination or something they already knew (read my other articles on Linkedin to know, how we already know). It is these doubts, which keeps one in the dark, and stop the flow of knowledge leading to ascension. I was told by several seekers, I have three lives left, one as a human, one a shorter life and after the third to be one with source. Atleast 15 of my seekers have been asked this verification questions, as per the evolution level of the seeker, I receive answers, and all I can find is, how each seeker comes with the same answer, some speak in such vivid details. 

There are more messages which came from various seekers, about Earth and Living beings. It says that Earth in itself is transforming and shifting, Earth is a huge energy ball also making its evolution to the source. So we will see more natural calamities, man made disasters. Deaths of living beings, soil erosions, volcanoes and earthquakes leading to disruption of earths surface. An imbalance is what is happening to Mother Earth, to bring back the balance it needs for the evolutionary Journey. We all as light beings and Earth are moving slowly towards the spiritual ascension. 

My Voice
Those who are in the dark, wake up in this body, if you cannot, you will wake up in another. Those who are in the light, spread the light with Love and Compassion, open the hearts of others to the light. 

Healing to all !

Renuka Gupta, PhD



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