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Spiritual Experience - Real or an Illusion ?

Since centuries many have woken up to spiritual experiences, where they receive the guidance and path to their purpose of Life. They find ways in which they can understand the connection between Mind, Body and Soul. Obtain the knowledge of bringing a balance at all three levels. Understanding the connection with Nature.

Many have found different methods to finding answers about their existence, about Spirituality.

Different cultures, countries have explored their own path to find answers to who we are?, what is our role? what is ones ultimate journey ?

Many have found certain energy centers, known as spiritual hot spots places, herbs, substances to explore the spiritual journeys.

If we look back at the ancient history, we find one path connected across all nations, and this path is of Meditation. The Path of going within, a path of not using anything existing in this physical world and yet exploring and connecting to a deeper self.

I am as much a person of science through my education but also an experiencer, making me a spiritual person. I choose to believe in Science- evidence collected by a bunch of people by using subjects and proving a hypothesis, but I also choose to believe in -Spirituality, experiences of many many people across the world, who have never met, but come across the same knowledge and wisdom by going within.

Both are my CHOICES, is what I am trying to emphasize here.

Now let me share with you first about the cases here my clients said that they have come across spiritual experiences from time to time. My intake form which I use for all clients has a section, do you have any addictions, do you consume weed or any other substances, if yes, then before my session kindly avoid it for 72 hours. If Marijuana is medically prescribed, then there is an exception for it.

The reason I have kept this clause is because, in my observations with my clients, those who consume Weed and other substances like Ayahuasca have reported experiences similar to a person having a Spiritual experience without the use of those substances. When probed further in therapy, I was able to see that when an experience occurs due to consumption of external substances, it is more an illusion, than a profound spiritual experience, as these clients showed doubts and also had fears within them. Sometimes their experiences (which they called as Spiritual) made them uncomfortable and fearful about certain things in their life.

Having experienced the path of Spirituality, which is a never ending path, I could see the difference in a Real Spiritual Experience obtained through Meditation , and an unreal Spiritual Experience sensed with consumption or usage of external substances.

Simply put:

Meditation brings one in touch with - Real Spiritual Truth
External Substances used for Spiritual Experience brings one in touch with - Illusion of Spirituality

What makes a Spiritual Experience through meditation Real?

When you slowly explore the layers of Truth, Knowledge, your Purpose and receive more answers to what you have been seeking, like information about your existence as a being , by going within through Meditation, you are also removing the layers of Doubt, Fear and healing within as a Mind-Body and Soul.

A way to understand if you are on a Spiritual Path is not by speaking about it, rather through your own experience you find yourself to be more in awareness, acceptance a mere observer, detached.. rather than a thinker. You learn to no longer 'Remain in your mind", rather be in the moment without having to question why, when, how.

Many are seen talking about Spirituality, reading spiritual books, meditating, spreading the knowledge of Spirituality. It is only when you WALK the TALK, you become a Spiritual Being....

Sometimes it is seen that, the talk might be deep and full of spiritual knowledge, but their own WALK of LIFE is devoid of Spirituality. They still Live in Fears, Doubts, Judgment, Grief, Trauma, Hurt etc....This is also another way of demarcating from Real Spirituality and Unreal Spiritual experience.

For those who remain in the mind (undetached from thoughts and emotions), are the ones who question the past, as the ones who Live in the Present are simply living it in the Moment.

Healing and Blessing !

Renuka Gupta, PhD, Spiritualogist

HART Founder

Definitions :

Weed (Cannabis, also known as marijuana among other names, is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant used primarily for medical or recreational purposes.)

Ayahuasca ( a South American entheogenic brew commonly made out of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, and the Psychotria viridis shrub or a substitute, and possibly other ingredients; although, a chemically similar preparation also known and sold as ayahuasca)



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