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If it is still, how can there be a movement?

How do you lose stillness?

Can stillness ever be lost?

If stillness changes, it means a movement was made.

What is this Movement?

Is it truly a movement?


Is it an illusion of a movement within the Stillness?

The Stillness, Shunyata, Nothingness was the beginning with no true beginning or end.

All that exists beyond stillness is movement, an illusion created movement.

The answer to how the Universe began is:

The truth is the "Stillness".

The truth cannot be found in Illusions, the entire world we see, is an illusion.


  • Renuka Gupta

*Que and Ans*


Stillness Shunyata nothingness are endless infinite beyond yet contain all things so why not movement

Ans :

What is called stillness means- devoid of any movements

So how can a stillness have movements, only through ILLUSION of movement?



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