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The Last Breaths


Now when I look back and remember her last breaths...., She was gasping for air, her eyes were rolled up , semi closed, intermittently breathing, I just followed the CPR instructions given to me by a 911 Operator. In that moment, I was focused on all that I had to do correctly, so she lives, I was focused on what is to be done, I did not have time to panic, think. My dog Angel was around, I couldn't give a a second time to Angel, to ensure he is fine, although I know he was in panic, seeing that me and my mum both were not alright.

Sometimes I get sudden messages, which is known as Claircognizant Message , messages sent by the universe. While a human is unaware that a message is about to come, when the message comes and is brought to awareness, one feels different, stability in that moment in mind and body.

I received such a message a day before, I remembered my mother (Aai) , while she took her last breaths during a Cardiac Arrest in 2016. It is like even Aai wanted to let me know, this is what happened on the day she passed on.

While she was taking her last breaths, She was around, perhaps floating up above her body as an energy, the soul, she saw how I was, what I felt, but at the same time, she wanted to go towards the light, as she was feeling drawn to it, it made her feel lighter, again at the same time, she saw me, trying to revive her. She was like torn between, to live few more years for her daughter, or leave the world. In truth, Aai actually had served her purpose of Life. She also gave me lot more than love and nurturance, it is the knowledge to take care of my mind by expressing freely and taking care of my body with natural home remedies and Homeopathy. She taught me everything, I wasn't trying to learn then, thinking she is going to be around to guide. After she passed on, I felt the void, the same repeated messages from her, which seemed a bit too much, was replaced by Silence. Luckily, I remembered it all, every bit of her constant day to day knowledge she passed on to me.

The Message

Coming back to her last breaths, she was actually surrounded by the Divine beings whom she met midway, she was told / shown, if you leave now, this loss is going to soon be a gift for your daughter, as you can also play the role of being her guardian Angel till she is in this human form.

I am very sure, Aai must have felt torn between these choices offered, while looking down and seeing my pain and efforts to revive her. Her last breaths were a decision she had to make, to stay or complete this Journey, now knowing her own ultimate purpose was through leaving this body.

She finally chose....

The EMR took time to come upto the 15th floor, they tried to revive her, I couldn't look at her body, I remained in the corridor a little hidden in sight from her body. There was a police officer, who knew I was worried , although trying to be strong. Angel was kept in a room, he just wanted to be near me as usual, as he is calm when I am calm, so I picked him and stood, as he was not permitted to loiter in the living room where the paramedics were working on my mother, who was laid down on the carpet.

After a while, they told, she needs to be taken to the hospital, she was put on a stretcher, I walked a little behind, I saw a glimpse of her body, and something told me, she is no more. I still did not break down, I reached the hospital, I waited, I was told by an attending doctor, she is no more. Tears rolled down, but I still tried holding myself from breaking down. I was asked, if I am ready to see her body, that is when I completely realized, that she has left me. I looked at her face, strangely I saw a lot of peace on her face, asthough she was content to leave.

Now when I look back, I see all of this incident differently, I feel it differently.
I came to know the true meaning of her last breaths.

I had held myself accountable for not taking her to a Doctor, knowing she never complaints about her health. After she left Earth, I kept receiving many messages from her, from time to time from my clients and Healers who underwent HART. She kept showering her love, blessings and said she is proud and happy for who I have become. She constantly keeps Blessing me.

I do not see her, or feel her touch, as I am a Claircognizant, I just "Know" , she is always there...very powerfully loving and protecting me, Claircognizant is her gift to me, the choice she made in her Last Breaths.

Blessings !


Renuka Gupta



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