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Undiscovered Earth....

Topics of this Article : 

Earth core residents, Obesity as a disease, Message for Earht beings, How to handle Ego in people. 

"Things get discovered in this Universe, when it is Time to discover it". 

Just like the recent news-

'Scientists Found the Deepest Land on Earth Hiding Beneath Antarctica's Ice'. A land which might have existed since centuries, but it was time to be discovered. 

Similarly, like those microscopic organisms which always existed on earth, but were blind to human eye, were discovered, when Microscope and more such instruments were invented. 

So unless humans develop certain gadgets, instruments, find ways to reach the never seen, never found, it remains dismissed by Science as non-existent. 

Today's HART session with my seeker (client) in deep trance is a narration of what lies in one of the parts of the Earth's Core. Am sure probably in coming years, the scientist would discover this part as well or not. 

Verbatim narration of the session, messages received from the higher self, Master, Guru, God:

1. "I (higher self) {the higher self is the energy, physical body is the human self} am going inside the earth, there are lot of crystals on the way. Different lights flowing on them. Pink, purple, green, white. It is the path towards the center of the earth and the universe that resides there. It is a tower of light, made up of huge crystals put together. I entered the center of the earth through it. It has special powers to let anybody in or move out. It acts like a boundary, a guard to protect the living beings in the center of the earth. There are many similar human looking beings, but it seems that, they are more tribal in nature, their clothes resembles a tribal community. 

They are the survivors of World War II, they never died in the war. They were only absorbed inside, as they never wanted to die.

They are going to come back to earth's surface soon, in 2025, and give the wisdom that they achieved when they travelled inside the earth. Their Journey on the surface of the earth has already begun, but their interactions are very rare". 

The seeker felt a surge of vibrations in her body, and so the conscious mind (higher self) was asked to sleep, while the master/guru/god now directly spoke - 

"There will soon be a lot of different beings from different dimensions landing on the surface of the earth. We (higher energy beings/God/Masters/Guru, including those found at earth's core today) will also be showing up on the surface if the earth to help humanity, to shed their fears, fear of death, hatred, and to unite together. We will also be invited to travel inside the earth to see a new civilization that still exists, for them it is only in the papers or in the history, but those civilizations do exist. Then humans will interact with this civilization, they will activate many parts of their DNA, which are still unexplored.

The DNA shifts will come into its true form and force, when the entire space is ready, and the beings who has taken the responsibility to shift ,would shift first". 

The highest beings were asked by the therapist to raise the vibrations and bring the shift today, asnthere is so much pain, fear, anger around on earth, rather than 2022.

"Huge white light surrounded the earth, darkness is on its surface, it is in the process of turning into light. As soon as these darker spaces are turned into light, the divine beings will enter with their gifts on earth. The earth membrane is still resisting, as it feels unprepared to welcome the shift right away. In the year 2020, post March the processes will take its own speed, and the interactions will enhance. 

For this shift to the light, all humans need to meditate, pray to accept the shift of the new horizon of 2020. Pray together, work upon your selves". 

2. Obesity as a disease: 

What are humans doing to create obesity as a disease?

" A lot of them are not expressing their desires, they are supressing it. Especially the desire of having sexual relationship with somebody. Suppression of these emotions, which is a basic need of mankind, is leading to obesity. 

There have been many, who have also brought obesity from their past lives. "

What about the societal norms , taboo as per culture? 

"All these barriers will be broken in the coming time. These restrictions were placed, as there was misuse of the power of sexuality. Now as it has reached its extreme, it has to come back to its normal pattern. Awareness about this will gradually increase. There are very less people who are talking about it.

Sexual expression is not only through the act, there are various means of self care that can also lead to releasing the suppressed emotions attached to sexuality. Like, you can draw , paint your own self. The very famously talked about concept these days on earth is self love, there are layers to it that needs to be explored. It is not only connecting to your inner child, but also connecting to your inner needs. Most of them have not attended to these inner needs. For this topic to completely uncover, more sessions are needed". 

3. Message for Earthlings - 

"Message is for the plants on earth: 

They need to be happy as they are, as they are contributing to the love that is increasing in the space. They are also highly grateful that they have been doing their job sincerely. We love them, for all that they have been spreading. There will be an activation of the plants ,trees everything that is green in nature in 2022. Their patterns of response and interactions will enhance. We find them sending messages from across land. 

4. How to handle Ego of people? 

"Call for divine help, and the things will be managed. You will get messages as to what words need to be used, in what manner and when, so that the message goes directly. And the one who will still not listen or would not follow the path, have to be left alone". 

Healing to All !

Renuka Gupta, PhD



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