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We are born to live the Soul Path Written....

A regression session - 

Note - Higher soul is our own soul, who knows our entire life, from conception to death. During regression our higher soul and sometimes along with other higher souls reveal answers for us and guide us in this life.

I remember vividly today a beautiful quote I came across years back, “What you have is Fate and what you make of it is Destiny”.

 It was fascinating for me to discover this quote then and also the most interesting part of this quote was, everything is in your hand which decides how your life should be. 

I lived for many years in this illusion; yes I call it an illusion now because of the recent disclosure of my client under regression, a message from the higher soul.  

Client in her past life was a child of 14 year old, where out of jealousy had pushed her own younger step sister of age 7 in front of a truck, and she died on the spot due to the accident. 

The client wanted her parents love for her own self. This act of the client left the client feeling depressed, guilty & unable to face her own parents. After few years living in guilt, she decided to tell her parents of her deed; her parents were so disheartened and angry that she was no longer allowed to be a part of the family and her parents abandoned her.

After being abandoned from her family, she went through many hardships to settle in her life, all this while feeling extreme guilt for doing that to her younger sister. Her parents never took her back. She went on to become a professor and slowly was able to deal with the guilt within and forgive herself, and also her inner voice told her somehow deep within that, even her younger sister who has died has somewhere forgiven for her selfish act out of jealousy. 

The guilt was no longer dominating the life of the client. 

The sessiin continued and a very unique phenomena was revealed in this session, when I asked the client during regression to go to a time where she is about to die in her life, she revealed that she has not died in that life, rather still alive and peacefully living her life, the client also revealed in which country she is in. I was taken aback by this revealation wondering why and how did my present client in regression session with me take birth again in this life whike her paat life soul is still alive ?

I had earlier thought that it is only after death that we meet the higher soul, but I was wrong, that past life woman who is still alive had a conversation with the higher soul as a human at a deep soul level, and whatever small portion of guilt left in her in that life, made the higher soul decide that another life has to be born for this guilt to completely dissolve. 

Higher soul did reveal to my client in this life that you have already punished yourself enough, and now no longer need to feel the guiltand deep sadness, as that was a soul path written by her younger sister, and if that incident didn’t take place, her younger sister would have had a painful life herself. Her younger sister also was seen in trance and she said to my client that that she is happy, and my client needs to forgive herself. 

My client was sent back to earth to deal with the guilt and in this life her higher soul heightened the guilt and suffering within the client in this lifetime so that she learns to let go of each tiny portion of her guilt within and sets herself free. 

My client was told by the higher soul that her half life in the current lifetime will be extremely hurtful in pain and suffering, while the other portion of her life will be ultimately getting out of the spiral of guilt and suffering and growing as a soul.

The learning for me as therapist through this client regression was that - Not everything is already destined or written, we do have a choice and we choose certain feelings, and which makes us get stuck in the spiral of life after life.

So how does one actually come to know when do we choose and when do we know it is destiny? Something which I still need to explore further, but what comes to my mind is, as we all know the focus of all various kinds of meditation or spirituality states to, “Live in the present moment”. 

That means if the client would have lived in the present, and not in the past of what she did as a child to her own step sister, she would not have felt guilty for this long and would not have taken a birth again just to deal with this guilt within. 

It also means as a human we need to let go, forgive oneself and others and be in the present moment. The past is already gone, one cannot change it. Whatever you have done wrong to self or others, it is now in the past. 

Let go... Let go....So “ Just Be” as the higher souls keep telling my clients...

Just Be........

~Renuka Gupta, PhD



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