Arch Angels speaks

Same soul groups

"Meeting happens in the soul group. It is a collective learning process. Each soul takes up a charge of learning a certain aspect, of completing a certain balancing.when the meetings happen all of it is communicated and it becomes a part of every souls blueprint because they are all together walking through this journey of life on your Planet."

(All souls are connected to all souls of the universe).

"A soul group that comes together, which is a huge group, the collective learning is even communicated to the others, and there is a higher collective consciousness that comes together, which connects them all throughout the galaxies, energy field and different dimensions.

When you see that life is only happening on this planet, and the learning is only yours, then you need to think again from a broader perspective, it is a contribution to everybody.

Human Lessons

When a human being learns a lesson or completes a cycle of that particular act, the entire planet shifts. Not everyone or every soul needs to go through the same experience, as it is continuously communicated and embibed by each soul in that group and collectively communicated even to others. So you see the movements are so quick, how do you know that the child learns, do you feel it is the socializing process? No, it is the learning from all the lifetimes that the soul has and at the same time it is all the beings that is pushing that being, who is a child at the moment to great up and reach its full potential. The higher force that you keep talking about, the source that guides us all, it is this source that eventually puts every process into its place without shifting its course. Only with the changing times the speed varies, again with a collective decision".

Therapist - Can souls be omnipresent in different energy forms, as beings, as formless energies, are all souls capable of that ?

"Yes, as you know the body is just a vehicle. When many on your planet talk about the concept of soul , as being inside you, there is much larger part to it. Your body is surrounded by the energy of the soul, so the source energy is somewhere else, which is at the realms of the energy field and it covers the body, with its consciousness and works. You have learnt from HART technique you do, that the soul can take different births at the same time because energy extending from the main nucleus only travels to the body and so it is always ready to communicate and always present at the space it is, it can do multiple roles at the same time. Main soul decides, how many parts, how many movements it needs to do.

Life and Death

Life and death is just a construct on planets, that operate with materialism and emotions, otherwise it is just a flow of energy, from one aspect to another.

Reality of Earth

The flow of energy is never restricted, and so is the journey of all the souls that are a form of energy, is never restricted. It is always a conscious choice of the soul, to enter a specific plane and dimension, to contribute its part into the process of that specific planet called life."

"Your que, do parallel universes exist?

Anything you can imagine from your human mind exists in this universe, as the universe is filled with possibilities that even your mind cannot tap into. The souls are aware of it, that they are not supposed to function from that awareness on this planet most of the times. If that starts happening, the construct of this planet Earth will change completely. There will be more awareness, acceptance, harmony respect and honor prevailing, which at the moment is not the reality of the Earth, but soon it will be. It will take few more years as per the time zone of Earth.

This 2020 Year

Although this years will be comprised of drastic changes into the awarenesses of the human mind, there are many more souls that now are chosen to add value to be this journey of awareness. The souls that are now born on this planet, come with huge form of knowledge, which no child in the last decade showed, as the energies of this planet has shifted.

Death will also change its way of perception. Life and death is a part of this planet and of any other planet. The drama that is associated, the pain and emotion of a human mind and body goes through, will move to more of acceptance as a part of this journey. Although before this happens, the Earth is going to see a lot of deaths, and the deaths will be something that would look like a normal part of Life, as it will happen so frequently.

Message for Mankind

The message for the mankind is, take each day as it comes, as you already there definations of all the things in and around you have changed and is changing constantly. The things, the materials that were valuable in the last decade, are no more of use. The value has changed. At the same time there are other things becoming more a part of your life. How are you willing to accept it, it is by experiencing it, and experience only happens in that moment and never inthe future or in the past.

All that is going to help the mankind is continuous efforts, to embrace the shift and the change that is coming through, which has already begun as you all can see."

Therapist - Continuous effort to accept the change means?

"Since centuries human mind and the souls who choose to come more often to this earth, have got used to flowing in a standard manner, with a few changes here and there, majorly all the mankind could predict their future. The present scenario is you cannot even predict what is going to happen tomorrow. There is no choice of living in the past, because it does not exist.

Be in the moment

All that is left for every human of this planet is, to stay in the moment , continuous effort to be and to experience the ultimate truth of Life and death, is in that moment. The more you are appreciative of being in that moment, rejoicing every part of it, feeling blissful in that space and time, will take you to accept, changes that are going to come in your life as a whole.

We agree, not denying that there are not going to be elated moments, there are going to be many, all we are trying to convey is, that you need to now shift your lens to view that bliss in your life."

Are there humans on earth without souls?

"There are many who choose a body, as the soul does not want to exist in that body, leaves and gives space to demons in them. They are also a form of energy, they are a part of this world.

Their purpose is to create imbalances, only few souls choose to work with these demons as a contract.
From where do these demonic energies get produced. There are many lower vibrational world's as well. There are many humans who want to try to bring those in the present, so that you can use those energies for their benefit.