Messages from the Golden beings closest to the Divine, the Source

Topics are-

Golden beings, Their role with humans, how energy works, energy and higher self, healers who use energy, Gold as a divine energy, humans complicating Life, Parents being aware, Focus inwards, Acceptance is difficult, Pain in a human body, Concept of nothingness, The divine plan, Divine too seeks answers, Many Earths exist, God and Saints born in Earth - where are they now?,

"We are the golden beings, one of the closest energy to the source. We are the vibrant golden light which nurtures every element of this universe.

We reside in every molecule of this universe, so nothing is untouched from our presence".

Therapist - How have you reached so close to the Divine, Source. What were your learnings like?

"We are an important part of the creation of this universe.

Although we are nearest to the source, at the same time we are nearest to every particle , every being of of this universe. Our role is to transcend all the wisdom the source has, through us to every particle , every being that is in search of the higher good, higher self. It has all been transacted through us.

The energy that we all, on every plane are talking about, many have doubts whether it exists , or wheather it does any work or not. Today by connecting to you, I take this opportunity to describe how energy works.

Energy as the great Newton on Earth has described, that it only keeps transforming, that is true.
When you are using some energy to do a certain task, say a physical task of lifting your bag to your office, that energy is contributing to every particle in your universe and is letting you move towards your end goal.

This is a basic understanding about how it goes. When we talk about the higher selves, the connection to the higher beings,this energy contributes in its maximim form. This source of tremendous energy, uplifts your being, the entire self, including your physical and emotional body.

It elevates you to a certain level, wherein you can receive all that has been transacted to ur awareness.

Energy keeps moving, it keeps moving from every particle to another. From every human being to another and hence it is infectious as well.

Now when I talk about the healers who use these energies. If their intentions are pure filled with love, they can very well just by an intention make shifts in others lives. It is your vibrational energy that motivates and pulls the other persons vibrational energy to function at a higher awareness space."

Therapist - What is our role in it?

"We the golden being pushes you hard to uplift your vibrational energies so that you can be a contributor to the life force on earth. Similarly in very different planes our roles shift according to what is being the requirement of that space.

The 'ask' is being granted through the golden enegy. It is the easiest way, the wisdom is being trickled down to every ones awareness and how shift is created through the golden light.

Hence you would find a lot of people on earth keep gold in their homes, possess gold because it is one of the purest energy through which you can achieve higher awareness".

Therapist - Describe intention ?

"Intention is ' what you ask for."

Therapist - That is so simple a definition.

"It is very funny at times how the human mind makes a simple process , or concept so complicated by its own ways of thinking. It is very humorous for us, in our plane. Because life as it is potrayed these days by all humans on earth has been complicated, but actually it is not.

There is still time for all humanity to be aware of it. This concept is being transacted to you (Therapist) so that you can reach out to more people to come to you, and make awareness shift to, life being more simple in nature, rather than complicated, like it becomes for the people who come to you. You need to make them realize that it is not so complex to live this human life. It is pretty easy a concept, if we stop indulging into what the other person is thinking and just focus on what your awareness is trying to talk to you, and work upon it".

"The complicaitons comes when a human mind is bothered about what the other human is wanting, or is seeking out of them. Then it becomes a complicated structure as expectations come into the scene. These expectation when not answered by the other creates pain on the planet. Life is very simple, as to say, " I did my deed, rest shall show up", is lost in this process of expectation. Hence this needs to now be made clear to each human mind that they need to think in simplistic ways and not bother about the actions of the other humans around them. This is also applicable to the parents who keep governing their children. As they view this world in a certain manner and not as children are viewing it to be, and they try controlling them constantly. They too distort this concept of simple awareness, and teach this to their children as they grow up. When children start applying such concepts to their life, it turns to be a life full of pain for them, as they are not able to manage their own psychic abilities.

Planet earth is constantly shifting, there are many beings being born to create life easy for everyone. These higher dimensional beings full of knowledge, will guide humanity in many beautiful parents. Hence the world now needs to shift to provide more space to childrens awareness and understanding of the world, rather than your understanding being imposed on them. This is one thing you need to speak to your clients and the people that you are talking to, whether they have children or not. Somewhere there is going to be a tremendous shift in their awareness about children and their approach towards them.

Earth is turning into a beautiful place. There might be complaints that there is still pain existing, there is still anger, hatred for each other, but it is at it's last phase and it shall soon perjsh."

"Focus needs to turn towards self and when one understands that it is your own self which creates the conceptual understanding about the world which instills fear, it starts harming you as well, this shall all shift in no time."

Therapist - Acceptance is difficult, why?

"It is the denial of the situation that they are often facing. Acceptance since decades has been forgotten by humanity, it needs to come into light as well. As the first step of evolution is acceptig your true being, whether it is full of fear, anxiety , curiosity or alike and then start working upon it.