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Messages from the White Angels orbiting the Divine Source

"There are two white angels around me. Am (Connector in trance) orbiting around the source. I can hear soothing music. It is an army that guards around every being in this universe.

They are very close to the #Divine Source and to every being of this universe. Angels are white in color, formless.

They guard the roles of every being".

(The Angels now speak directly, while the client's conscious state goes into a deep trance)

"I am chief of this army, which was created to make sure that every task that was alloted to every particle, every being , every soul in this universe is performed in its boundary and there is no interference in each others roles and the balance of this universe is maintained.

Our roles are to maintain the boundaries of everybodys actions and tasks, so that there is a flow in this entire process of living in any space and dimension."

People who harm or kill, they can do with a certain limitation?

"Yes it is very essential to understand that every action that is committed by any person in any dimension happens because it is meant to be. Those actions need to be performed for the process to go further.

Be transparent and open for the shifts within and outside".

How is the earth doing in this moment, how are the countries?

"This is a time ,where in all of you are fighting like #rogues and #viruses. Every country has its own process to get rid of them, the ones who are insensitive to the needs of their own people will be harmed by these viruses. They need to be more senstive to their existence, existence of mankind, the existence of evolution, the existence of change. So all those countries that are not working on these lines will be effected way higher than any other.

The places where there is a culture of connecting to the Divine Source (#God, higher power) through various practices will also be saved , as they continuosly keep connecting to themselves.
Others need to learn this process very fast. I see some calamity attacking #European #countries, on the earth's plane. Prayers for them will benefit, as the awareness would creep onto their psyche.

A few would be left from the impact, specially in Europe, only the ones who care about each other will be saved. The countries which are smallest in the continent will be saved, while the others need support."

Healing and Blessings!

Therapist - Renuka Gupta, PhD Intra-Inter Galactic Connector -Gurjot Kaur 10th March 2020

The above session was done using #HART, a Psychospiritual Therapy - (psychospiritual healing can be defined as: A therapy method that involves simultaneously engaging the body, mind, and spirit in healing mental health issues, moving beyond problematic life patterns, and overcoming traumatic life experiences)

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