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CBT - REBT Certificate Accredited Course

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If you feel it is time to be your own therapist, Yes! you heard it right. Be your own therapist or help others to become their own therapist by joining this Course. Offered at a Discounted Price 110 USD, 70% Off The entire Module is taken from the Era of REBT to CBT. REBT is often called the Grandfather of CBT, that is why many concepts intertwine. This is a Program where you learn both these modalities in much details, and there are Extra Notes provided, along with Worksheets for thorough understanding of both concepts. If you already work in a Health Care Field, this Course helps you to deal with clients who are disturbed emotionally, mentally or have relationship issues. More than talking about the course, I would rather ask you to experience it and see how much it helps your own Life, before you begin to help others. 1. Course is Self paced, never Expires 2. PDF Detailed Module of CBT - REBT Course 3. Extra Notes for more detailed understanding, most of the stuff cannot be found online, it is lost in History. 4. Final Exam : True or False, 70 % Passing 5. Professional Certificate given once you Complete the course and pass the Final Exam. Peer Support is Available too. This is a Certificate Course for anyone above18 years. There is no pre-requisite / other requirements to join the Course. Go Ahead !! Register, Pay & Start the Online Course. Best Wishes !

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