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HART : a Psychotherapy - Spirituology Therapy


Heal with HART or Learn HART


HART (Healing Above Regression Therapy)

A Psychotherapy Spiritualogy Technique

A Psycho-Hypnotherapy,  A Hypno-Spiritual Therapy

•HART – Healing Above Regression Therapy is used integrative modality used with Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy.


  • HART  is a constantly evolving therapeutic approach, not a standard technique. it is more as a preparation for the Therapist, Healers, Doctors to do the Healing via this technique.

•Purpose of this therapy is for helping clients get answers for emotional, behavioral, Physical (Illness), and Mental health issues.

•HART came into existence by client experiences in deep meditative guided imagery, trance like state, obtained over a period of 15 years of work, since 2005 working with combined Psychotherapy with Hypnotherapy.

•HART helps in healing of the client as well as the people known and unknown to the client.

•HART works for seeking answers of entire Earth, and for the upliftment of Earth as a planet.

•HART describes the flaws present in scientific fields, and what each field needs to work upon in the upcoming future.

•HART not just helps the client, mankind or Earth, but by the connections made to the dimensional beings, it results in upliftment of other dimensional beings.

Currently HART is also provided to selective research participants, who have contributed to guiding others who need answers about their Life. These research participants also provide messages for Earth and the Universe. most of the blogs are messages received via HART technique, apart from my own "Knowings" as a Claircognizant. HART as a technique will soon be available in a course form, which will be given in combination with Hypnotherapy certification. The Hypnotherapy Course certification, is in collaboration with International Hypnosis Association (IHA).


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Approved Online Certified Course


2. Spiritualogist - A person who combines the study of Psychology with Spiritualogy.



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