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Course Facilitators:

Give your students confidence in you, and the assurance that once they complete your course they WILL qualify for IHA certification and membership. 


Having an IHA Approved Course means something.  Standards of content, education, accessibility and ethics.  IHA Approved Courses Prequalify for IHA Certification


Future students can find your course listed as "IHA Approved Courses" through the accreditation certificate you receive from IHA.


Submit your course syllabus with Course Duration via email, for certification now.  In order to keep our standards high and our ethics reliable, we do not charge for IHA Course Approval.

Offering your students the benefits of IHA certification adds value to your courses, and assurance and credibility that your potential students can count on.


We invite you to qualify your Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, or any other Alternative, Holistic, Energy Healing , or New age innovative course for certification with the International Healers Association (IHA) today. 


Having an approved and qualified  course, means your students are eligible to apply for certification with the IHA.

Qualify Your Course Right Now by Emailing us the full course Syllabus, Duration, Facilitator/s Full official Name.

There are two general ways we work with schools/organization to certify their students.

  1. Students who have completed your approved course can apply to us directly.

  2. Once your course is Accredited with IHA, all your students need to do is, directly fill the Membership Form, and they directly receive IHA certification after fees are paid.

  3. You can also use our 'Accredited Course' Certificate on your website.



The IHA promotes a high level of professionalism in the field of Hypnotherapy, PLRT and HART (a patented new age modality) providing support, training, and networking opportunities for hypnosis professionals, and advocating the valid and therapeutic uses of the healing modalities through increased public awareness.

We believe in helping trainers provide quality training, it raises the quality level of us all and makes us all successful

Benefits for qualifying your course

  • Gain prestige for your course by highlighting IHA certification in your marketing materials

  • Get more students by having your course approved by an outside source

  • Get independent validation of all the hard work you put into creating your course

  • Get a comprehensive review of your course

  • The IHA offers support services for members (your students)

Application for
Accreditation of Course
with IHA

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