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Individual , Family , Couples, Group Therapy

Individual Therapy

Helping clients bring back the focus to their own self, making them more self aware and to seek their own answers is what my therapy process is all about. I believe we each have the best answers within us, it is just that some forget to reach them, some do not listen to them and keep repressing the inner voices, and some are more focused on external than internal world.....

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Family Therapy

A family comprises of individual entities, usually family conflicts arises from the rigid beliefs each person holds. These rigid beliefs are born from childhood experiences and adulthood experiences, and we each want to prove that , " what I think is right" , my belief is right".... The question remains, ultimately who is Right ?..... Several such concepts which complicates a family system is discussed during sessions which helps each member to realize their own belief systems resulting in family conflicts.


Couples Therapy

Any Relationship stand on two strong pillars:

Acceptance & Transparency

The minute any one pillar shakes, the relationship can no longer survive. There are several reasons why a couple cannot accept each other as they are, whereas it was the same person they fell in love with, with all the same flaws.  Do not confuse acceptance with Tolerance though... known more such concepts in therapy.

Lying begins, when one partner finds lying to be easier than ,giving explanations or facing emotions of another partner, which causes more stress and strain in relationship.

Couples therapy is all about balancing the Pillars and ultimately working on the relationship. 

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Adolescent Therapy

Short to Tall

An age which comes with adjustments, identity confusions, finding self worth, seeking belongingness, yearning for love, career formative years and much more.....

Instead of directly targeting the behavior to be changed, what led to that behavior is more important. As I believe one cannot change the behavior, until the causal factor is understood. Depression, Anxiety, Addiction issues are not a Problem in itself, but rather the consequence of a Problem. It is always best to bring your adolescent child for Psychotherapy / Counseling during initial signs of behavioral issues, rather than postponing therapy under the false assumption that it is just a phase. 

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