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Online  Certificate Program Details

Level I Course is international Hypnosis Association
Approved Course

Level I, II,  III & IV is
International Healers
Association approved Accredited course

Program Details

Certified Hypnotherapist

This course  is a double  Approved Certificate Course, approved worldwide


International Hypnosis Association


International Healers Association

Students who complete course Level I under Dr. Renuka Gupta, can register with the IHA and pay the standard dues as given below, and receive an electronic version of another certificate from IHA via email. 

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Certfied Professional HART Practitioner

Deal of the Year !!

All courses

On Discount

All courses together for Worldwide  Discount

$ 250 USD ( 334 CAD)

Pre-requisitve Certified Hypnotherapist & PLRT



Past Life Regression Therapist

Pre-requisitve Certified Hypnotherapist

CBT-REBT is done

together with

Basic Communication 

and Questioning

for Relationship Development

or in Corporate Field

Certification in

Level IV Course Fees

Offered for 110 USD - Online self paced

Original Price 444 USD

70 % off DISCOUNT

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