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Online  Certificate Program Details

Level I Course is international Hypnosis Association
Approved Course

Level I, II,  III & IV is
International Healers
Association approved Accredited course

Program Details

Certified Hypnotherapist

This course  is a double  Approved Certificate Course, approved worldwide


International Hypnosis Association


International Healers Association

Students who complete course Level I under Dr. Renuka Gupta, can register with the IHA and pay the standard dues as given on their website, and receive an electronic version of another certificate from IHA via email. 

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Certfied Professional HART Practitioner

Deal of the Year !!

All courses

On Discount

All courses together for Worldwide  Discount

$ 250 USD ( 334 CAD)

Pre-requisitve Certified Hypnotherapist & PLRT



Past Life Regression Therapist

Pre-requisitve Certified Hypnotherapist

CBT-REBT is done

together with

Basic Communication 

and Questioning

for Relationship Development

or in Corporate Field

Certification in

Level IV Course Fees

Offered for 110 USD - Online self paced

Original Price 444 USD

70 % off DISCOUNT

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