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Virtual Clinic


Virtual clinic COLLABORATION Intent

Psychotherapy Hypnotherapy Holistic Clinic Amoh (PCCHA)


International Healers Association (IHA)

 Virtual /Online clinic for North America, Asia, Europe, UK, Australia, UAE and more..

 For those who cannot afford in their own country


 This Clinic globally unites professionals and combines psychotherapy with any of the below given modality.


 Fees range from 25 USD to maximum 150 USD

 Fees- Canada insurance covering a Psychotherapist


Independent Professional Healers

across the globe offer their unique specialities through this clinic

Main Branch : North America

Sub Branch: South - Asia

Healers : medical Doctors, Conventional Medicine Practitioners
Mental health professionals
Energy healers
Alternative Healers
Life Coach
Mindset Sports Coach
Holistic Practitioners
Ancient Medicine Practitioners
Traditional Medicine Practitioners



Many Modalities/ therapies are hardly known in the West as per the google algorhythms, although all these therapies have a profound deep healing of Mind and Body ailments.

In the west most of these Alternative - Holistic modalities are charged at very high rates, plus most are not insurance covered.

Keeping all the above in mind-

The Virtual Clinic was born in

Feb 2013.

Extremely Low Rates

Best Professional Practitioners of their Field,

Selected with high level evaluation.

and then

Brought to all-

Virtually anywhere in the world

Virtual Clinic

Affiliated to International Healers Association (IHA)

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Services Offered

Akashic Reading, 1 hour
 Pranic Healing, 1 hour
 Access Consciousness, 1 hour 15 min
 Counseling with Homeopathy Consultation (Online Prescription) 1 hour 15 min
 Yoga & Pranayam Consultation, 1 hour
 Ayurvedic & Naturopathic Food and Nutrition , 1 Hour
 Naturopathic & Sujok Consultation, Diet combined , 1 hour
 Past Life Regression, 1 hour
 Hypnotherapy, 1 hour
 Entity and Lost Soul work, 1 hour
 People Messenger, Healing Meditation, Shamanic Healing, 1 hour
 Energy Cleansing, Salt Lamp Meditation, 1 hour  Reiki Chakra Therapy, Tarot Reading ,  Angel Card Reading, 1 hour

FEES All covered in 1 Session fee billed to you, you can select 1 to 3 services from any of the above.

If you want to do other services later on, then:
Remainder amount can be saved as balance and used in future Or
Used for an extra session
with Psychotherapist


IHA Online Health Center
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