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Pure Happiness



Often when a question is asked, find what makes you happy,

It usually relies on

Some person or people doing or saying something for you, or 

it is something you expect from the world, to understand and give offer it to you. 


If your answer is the same as above, then, there are very less chances you shall find happiness, or be content with  what you receive or be able to keep that happiness for long. 


When you find happiness in -


What you think

What you do

What you feel

What you speak

What you sense


That is the truest, purest Happiness you shall find, and yes it CAN LAST as long as you make it last. 


A Healer Lives in You ! 


A guru or a master does not walk the path for you

A guru connects you to your own wisdom

It is you who sees and walks the path


As humans, some are guided by the outside master

While some come across the inner master


The connection one establishes with the wisdom within


Through the work with inner or outer master

And thus remembering the forgotten path

Eventually leads one to the path of Ascension. 




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