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"A Healer lives in all of us..."

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If you need Healing, are a Healer,  or

want to Become a Healer, Welcome to IHA membership !!

IHA Membership

IHA membership indicates that the Organsiation / Person supports the development of Healing Practice internationally by your contributions through your Practice, Research and sharing your Healing Journey on this Forum.
Once you fill the Membership form, submit the fees, You will be emailed a Certificate of Membership with your Healing modality Specified. Membership is renewed each Year. or you can also become a Life time Member

Become an IHA Member / Professional Healer:

Join the International Healers Association in practicing and promoting the ethical and effective use of hypnotherapy past Life regression and other healing Modalities across the globe.

The application process is fairly simple and can be accomplished via email.  

  1. If you have taken an "IHA Approved Course", you are prequalified for IHA membership and certification select 'IHA Membership' on the form, Pay the fees and you automatically become a Internationally recognized professional member of IHA. Make sure you include the name of the course and facilitator for a more streamlined application process.  Make sure you click "Send" at the bottom. You will usually receive a reply within 3 business days.

  2. If you have taken a Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression or other healing Modality Certificate course that has not yet been approved by the IHA or If you are seeking certification based upon membership and certification in another certifying organization, select the "Reciprocal organization membership" tab on the Home Page membership Form,  Pay the fees, and click "Submit".

Application for Accrediting Your Course :

IHA verifies Training Course Syllabus provied by you / your organization as a Course provider,  for Accreditation. All we need from you is, complete course syllabus, with duration emailed to us at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. The evaluation is for free.

Those who wish to avail Professional healthcare Healing from worldwide healers, simply drop us an email.

We look forward to welcoming you to our global family.

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