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Liability clause explained for Independent Practitioners working through Virtual PHHCA Clinic.


All independent professional Practitioners are working through referral system of PHHCA Clinic, and so are not working as employees of this clinic. This means that the PHHCA would not be liable for their negligent actions and cannot be held liable, solely on the basis that the malpractice occurred. 


1. Clinic is only responsible to collect fees and send payments to professionals and their due receipts to the clients serviced by the Independent  Practitioners. 


2. Independent Practitioners are responsible to use their own intake and consent forms while attending to the clients. 


3. Independent practitioners are responsible for fixing dates and time with the client's referred to them. 


4. Independent practitioners are responsible to keep notes and other details of the client and services offered. 


5. Independent practitioners notify the PHHCA clinic via email at when the session dates are booked with a client, so accordingly fees are collected in advance from the client and sent to the Independent practitioners, either as one session fees or bulk session fees, which depends on how the client has chosen to pay. Please note, insurance receipts will be made in the name of the client who is actually present during the services.

Email should include:

a. Client's full name, anyone else who joined the session along with the client. 

b. Date/s and Time of the session along with Time zone as per the country.

c. If for any reason there is a cancellation or change in the booking, the clinic needs to be immediately notified by the Practitioner via email. 


6. It is upto the Independent practitioners if they choose to have their own Liability insurance while working with the clients. The clinic does not offer liability coverage for Independent Practitioners.  

PHHCA follows all the Ethical and Legal Guidelines as per the country in which the Main branch exists. 

All Practitioners kindly adher to strict ethical principles in this regard, a request from PHHCA, as the Onus is on you: the Practitioner.

Blessings PHHCA


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