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(Since 2003)


You Heal
or / And
You Become
a Healer

International Healers Association (IHA) is for each one of those, who feel that their purpose of Life is to Heal Self, heal others , guide others to heal .IHA works for those who need healing at a Holistic Level, meaning healing the Mind and the Body ; with fields of Science and Alternative Holistic Energy Healing practices by collaborating with best healthcare professionals around the world. 


IHA brings worldwide healers Online to provide Healing to Mind and Body through methods of Science to Spirituology.

Many of us without thinking hard, just walked on the inner call and walked the path to become a Healer


It doesn't matter what kind of healing practice you do, Medical Healing, Alternative Medicine Healing, Energy healing, Therapy Healing,Psychic Healing, Colour Healing, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), Reiki, Akashic Reading, Access Consciousness, Past Life Regression Therapy , all are welcome to be a Member of IHA.

It is said that all Healers have a path to follow, and the path of a healer is a painful one. When a healer learns to heal oneself, one evolves from within to heal others.



The International Healers Association provides worldwide credentialing and certification for Hypnotherapists, Past Life Regression Therapist, and also New Innovative Healing Modalities.

IHA provides Certification Training and Accreditation to course work offered by other professionals around the world. 


We have high standards based upon knowledge and skill level.  Each member and IHA Approved Course must meet requirements that ensure the knowledge and competence to warrant  certification from IHA.

In addition to offering Individual Hypnotherapy , Past Life Regression Therapy certification, course facilitators may submit courses for IHA approval.  An IHA Approved Course will have demonstrated adherence to our standards, and ensure that any student of that course will meet IHA membership requirements.


The IHA supports the practice of Hypnotherapy , Past Life Regression and New Innovative Healing Modalities for Licensed Mental Health Therapists, Counselors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Hypnotherapist, Alternative Holistic healers, Energy Healers, Physicians and those with quality Healing Modality backgrounds


All IHA members must adhere to the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

International Healers Association members are committed to fulfilling the need for a higher standard of ethics, knowledge, and competency around the world.  Many countries have no regulation or minimum standards for practitioners, and the IHA is dedicated to helping provide practitioners who can be trusted to do their jobs well.

Our Mission


  • Promote a high level of professionalism in the field of Hypnotherapy, past Life Regression and New Age Innovative healing Modalities.

  • Provide certification, support, training, and networking opportunities for all professionals.

  • Advocate for the valid and therapeutic uses of Healing Modalities through increased public awareness around the world.

  • Bring the World Professional Healthcare Healers to you at the click of a button, to Heal your Mind, Body with the Soul.


Blessings !


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