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FESS GIVEN BELOW ARE AS PER YOUR INSURANCE  COVERAGE : (You can verify with your insurance company if you covered for Licensed Psychologist/ Social Worker or Licensed Psychotherapist) No EXTRA TAX is being charged. Below fees are Final Charges.


















1. HART THERAPY - Need Direct Divine Universal Guidance without a session, simply email your       question/s, only first name needed, no details about you or any History needed. Technique HART.

  CLICK to know more about HART

 2. International Fees for 1 Hour is 100 USD { payment by paypal  }

 3. South Asian Countries, Fees for 1 Hour is 50 USD         (India,Neptal, AfghanistanBangladeshBhutanMaldivesNepalPakistan, and Sri Lanka.)

{ payment by paypal  }



Fees 2024 IHA
If you wish to pay in advance,
simply pay by credit card, click above ,
ONLY for North America
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