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A case being guided by the Master / God

Master of Fairies , the Higher being guides today....

Therapist (T) questions through a client in deep trance who relays the message from Higher Beings (HB)/ God -

Shey (fake name used for confidentiality) in this life is going through her own pain and suffering, and she keeps saying, "I do not want to be normal". Her mother and me are trying our level best to heal her through Psychohypnotherapy, to let her accept a lot of things about this life, please provide any information, which Shey needs to heal, through me and by her mother. 

Higher Being - "Her mother saw a movie when she was inside the womb. The movie was a superhero movie, or some X-men movie. Shey has held on to the aspect from the movie, that the moment you turn into normal, people start taking you for granted and so she wants to be different, unique and a challenger to eveyones life, so that all the attention will come to her. 

( This shows how right from the womb the exposure to experiences of a mother can leave an impact on the unborn child)

Do ask her mother to release the issues of self worthlessness that she had before Shey was in the womb. That has not yet been resolved. Shey for many lifetimes has been in key positions, she had been a Pope, she had been a president, she had been an important soldier in Hitlers army and because she held many key positions in many lifetimes and she has always been looked upon to seek answers from, her soul in the current life wants to experience the otherside of being normal, wherein there is a smooth and easy life, like any other human being on earth, and not being in a key position. She wants to learn to be a follower as well, somehow the soul has forgotten in the human body and has gone back to its usual way of functioning of having all the attention in this lifetime.

T- Why does she have anger within her?

HB - It is something that she has to overcome. During her lifetime as a Pope, wheh the pope was a kid, she had seen a lot of injustice that would happen to people, but somehow she couldn't take any action against it, so she took the path of being a saint, which gradually took her to the position of the Pope. Even being a pope she couldn't resolve the anger that she had on the community and how they would treat other fellow human beings. 

She has come to this life to resolve it. Her feet needs to be burried in sand while she is in a park for 5 to 10 min everyday, so that all the anger finds itself out to the mother earth and the earth will take care of it. During winters a sand pit in the house can be used. During the summers she can also use mud packs over her body to silence the arising anger, mother earth will always help. 

(The solutions given for dealing with Anger is universal, so others can also use the suggestions given by HB)

The parents need to keep flowers around her while she goes to sleep. During winters an aroma oil of white or pink color flower, like Rose aroma, Jasmine will also do. Put it in her room and a picture of these flowers around her or a post card will also do. Shey already has a lot of Angels working for him. It will all resolve. 

(Shey has been having therapy sessiins since a year, and has been showing progress in many of her symptoms, even after her mother has taken her off completely from Psychiatric medicines, which according to her mother, harmed her more)

T- I sensed this might be Shey's first birth on earth, which I relayed to the mother in the last session. So why did this thought come as a knowing (am a claircognizant) ? 

HB- She had been taking these births in some other dimension, the births that we talked about, as a Pope or in army or as a president etc. So this current earth comes as a new experience for her. She was in some other dimensions in key positions, which is not the current Earth.

(The answer surely made me feel good that my "knowing" (messagw from the universe which I receive like a flow without trying hard) was not incorrect, but this new information of having a Pope, Hitler etc... on another dimensions was a new information, which made me curious to dig in further more about these Dimensions.

The other Earths of Dimensions...

HB - There are certain dimensions that are lower to the current earth's dimension, they also have a much more complicated structure of living, than that is there on the planet earth, so they also have leaders, also have the concept of spirituality, religion which functions in a different manner. There are a lot of superstitions in lower vibrational states. 

(Amazed with the above information, which got me thinking, many client who see past lives, can be seeing their life on Earth, but in a different Dimension Earth, and not necessarily the current earth. Hence it is now important for Past Life Regression therapist to ask, is this life which they see, on current earth or in a different dimension. The history as we know on current earth is not the on every Earth of other Dimensions)

There are lower dimensions than 3, there is minus 1 as well. Where every being is trying to kill or take benefit of the other. But no one succeeds in that, so they are constantly in the same viscious cycle. 

(Which made me thinking, there are many people who come and go in our life, and some just seem to vanish, and we do not even tend to be aware of them, which means, we connect to those who are at the same vibrational frequency as we are ourselves)

The souls (light energies) chooses which dimension they need to be a part of. Many will rise. 

The current earth is moving between 4th dimension and shall soon reach the 5th Dimension. 

T- What does it means to be a lower vibration being? 

HB - A person or a creature who works on lower vibrations, on lower emotions and do not find ways to resolve them. They live their lives by hurting, eating other person /being, burning them. Fears are working at the highest peak in the those dimensions, anger is another predominant emotion. 

T- On current earth what does it means to be a lower vibrational being?

HB- A lower vibrational being on earth is a perspn who believes that he progresses through any means, whether it hurts the other person or kills the other person or gives pain to the other person and achieving based on dominance shown to the person who is a lower vibrational being. Who uses technology and other aspects to get their selfish motives fulfilled. Success through any means is their goal, and success in the name of fame and money is also exploiting the lower vibrational beings, the humans on earth. 

T- What emotions can be called as lower vibrational states?

HB - People who have sadistic mentality who do not stop to gain, who are jealous of the others progress, who seek perfection to a very highest degree and makes other people work for him or her to achieve the perfection, are lower vibrational beings on current planet earth.

Another imp aspect of them is, they do not listen to their self, their voice, the gut that comes as a message from higher vibrational states, they close doors to that, they use different means like black magic to achieve their goals. It is a very conscious choice, but they do not want to uplift themselves. 

Energetically the chakras from base to crown is filled with dark brown, black, grey energies. All chakras are blocked, corrupted and broken, the shield is broken. 

These lower vibrational beings travel while they sleep, through these lower dimensions to seek an inspiration from them and apply it on this planet. They are scared of love, as love will dissolve all these states in them and love remains unknown to them. 

Healers can bless them with love and light.

HB - Many parts of the earth is facing this virus, there is much more to come apart from this virus. 
Shower the earth with love and light. Let it pass smoothly. It is only on the upper crust, it will nit seep inside. So for the movement to happen faster, love and light needs to be spread.

Upper crust means, it has not placed it's roots inside the earths system. It is just a passenger that will pass. All other things apart from this Coronovirus are coming to move the awareness of the planet. 

There is a team of people needed to be gathered together to work on energy of the earth. There are many light bearerers on your group, they can all collectively join as the prayer was decided for Australian animals and the plants, creatures, humans. Similarly all of them can be the light bearers, they can either hold the meeting or be on the group and a time can be decided and this work can be done, like the work on the pets with a candle, that had begun a month earlier to what happened in Australia. 

The light bearers will all show up, just post the message. 

Renuka Gupta, PhD

Messenger of higher vibrational being Gurjot Kaur Chandan



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