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A HART SESSION - Council of Light Speaks

Therapist- How to expand awareness, learn to let go and reach to a state of forgiveness?

Council of Light -

"The answer is expand the reach of the heart. Work towards the pain of others, forgiveness is a part of Creation. It is a concept which when imbibed properly then it opens the path of Nirvana, Moksh, salvation.

The forgiveness is not about the other, it is about you, you in the dynamics of the situation, it is about you being free from the creation of the episode. The moment it is well understood by any human animal or being on this planet, the soul is completely vitalized by light and it just proceeds to a new level of functioning, wherein attachment can be played with detachment and the emotions, and there is mastery over the emotions.

For the concept of letting go, it does not exist , all you do is harmonize the emotion and it changes form, there is nothing that goes, everything is there."

Therapist- Beautiful , Thank you!

Inter-Intra Galactic Connector Gurjot

Therapist - Renuka, using HART



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