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A Healer within

While going through many experiences as a human in my own life, I have come across facets of life, which I wouldn’t have even thought about, two years back as a professional. Providing therapy to my clients has always been my soul call, an inner voice I had, even before knowing the concept of “ inner voice”. Past Life regression therapy, a technique I use as a combination method along with my Psychotherapy methods, have undergone many transformations while doing my work with clients.

I had never been a reader of books, rather find it hard to hold a book and just read, whereas I am born in a family of readers. Not being a reader is not something I regret, rather it is something which has taught me to gain knowledge more by experience than learning what others have gained in their path of life through their journeys. Occasionally I have come across many concepts when I take a glance on google, to know more about the therapies being used, how people are being healed, only to make me more clearer of my path. I have seen similarities in the work of many healers who are doing their work around the world, some silently working and some who have become famous through their work of healing. Each human has a purpose towards healing self and others is a very recurrent message I kept getting from my clients who were regressed, this past year.

I hardly considered myself as a person, who found solutions to every client or who felt that every client will be healed through my therapy, and this attitude kept me rational while working with them. This journey which I took with my clients this past year, it was like a boomerang, which comes back. How much I gave through therapy to my clients, I got back more in return as an understanding about my own purpose in life.

I had a faint voice within me saying, now my role has changed from being just a therapist and helping clients with their emotions, behaviors and illnesses, but rather bring the insight within each person to find their own purpose. It did not stop there..... I was still going on new paths, exploring new purpose and molding my work accordingly with each client. My purpose added into something more, than just helping others find their purpose. My path transformed me, to help them find their purpose and also help them to ‘Become Healers’ to others around them. The Higher soul messages from my clients for me, also confirmed this same fact.

This transition of my work from a therapist to a more different path of a healer was like a flow, as though I knew somewhere this is what is needed to be done from now on in therapy. The more I became clear of my own purpose, the more I started getting more selective clients, whose purpose was to gain solutions to their issues on their own, gain insight within and become a healer themselves. Now let me make it clear over here, a healer does not necessarily mean a therapist, a mental health worker or a doctor or a energy healer etc etc..... a healer can also be a manager, an entrepreneur, a construction worker, who in their own way, helps others around through the knowledge they have acquired in their respective fields and are compassionate towards others around them.

I have found guides, spiritual masters, writers of self help books using the term “Compassion” as our soul’s Journey. It is now that I realize its complete meaning, compassion is not just a feeling , a behavior, it is extending yourself to help a soul no matter where you are, what position you are or how much you have. It is true, when we help someone in whatever way we can, the feeling which runs within us, is incomparable to the happiness one can feel, even with all the material things around us.

               I see a lot of clients who feel depressed, some have life long depression. Even before I was transitioning in my own life as a therapist, I have always told my clients in depression, when you are depressed, try helping someone around you, start with once a week of helping someone and increase it. The feeling which one feels within by helping others, gives so much self-worth, which is like an antidote for depression. I wouldn’t suggest this as a remedy for those who are severely depressed and suffer from depression since years. Of course for them medicines along with this suggestion does wonders, and slowly one can then taper off the medication. Coming back to my point, it is now that I realized, being a healer yourself and helping others does not just help those who are depressed, but rather it helps to heal every deep painful emotions within each one of us, which we feel from time to time. Many of my clients who went under regression, also served as “Anchors” to help other unknown people for their issues, especially those clients of mine, who found it hard to go under regression. ‘Being an Anchor’ is another concept I developed in my Journey as a therapist. My clients were more than happy to provide consent to help others gain their answers by becoming anchors for them, it gave my clients also the immense satisfaction of not just finding answers for their own life, but also for others whom they have never met in their life.

               Professionally if anybody talked numerology with me a year back, I would say, I do not believe in numbers predicting life.... but this year changed it all for me. I realized I have been seeing a recurring number since almost 10 to 15 years of my life, 1010 is the number I always saw. So I just thought of googling it, and the revelation was astounding. I was able to not just understand that these recurring numbers which I see around me, sometimes more than once a day, is not a co-incidence. I extended my own experience and started asking few of my selective clients, if they see certain recurring numbers, and to my amazement, 90% of them saw different combinations of numbers without realizing the meaning of it. These repetitive numbers one can easily google as messages from the angels, or Angel numbers. I would say, even for the skeptics, it is worth taking one glance on google about the recurring numbers phenomenon, maybe you will learn your purpose in life.

... And so, with so much already written above, all I wanted to say is, it is time one uncovers the ‘Healer Within’, I use the term ‘Uncover’ because our soul was born for this purpose and only this..... My writings above are not my thoughts or my experiences alone, these are the experiences of my clients and the messages they kept receiving from their higher souls. The most amazing part of these messages were, it spoke the same words through different people unknown to each other.

“We are not humans having a spiritual journey, but rather a spiritual being having a human body for a learning in this journey of souls”.

Take care !!!

Heal Yourself

Renuka Gupta, PhD



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