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A Lightworker speaks for Earth and its beings...

A Lighworker speaks in Trance and relays the message for Earth and its residents

Earth Messages -

"I feel volcanic eruptions inside the earth, it is changing the quality of the soil, it is moving the layers of the earth that have got exhausted, to go down, and the fertile to go up. It is a massive shift. Lot of people who are working with higher energy have sensed, many who are winding up their life. Many old people, young kids and middle aged are winding up lives, lot of deaths, they are going to come back in a better self and life, dont be sad, those will match the energy of the earth. 

Animals might get violent, they are scared what will happen to them, ask the Seeker (the client who is an animal healer) to send healing to all animals, micro-organisms, ask her to send energy filled with love, under water, land, sky. They are looking for love. Earth is looking for love.

Humans, they are all shifting very fast. Ask them to move from where they are stuck...

Send loving energies to earth, earth will take care of it. It is taking a lot of pain from us, she also needs love...she is taking a lot of pain...

They have got used to it, being hurt, being in pain. Shift is happening, 

Ones who will not shift will die, will move to another space, where they will continue being in pain till they decide. Earth is providing that to them,

All healers on earth need to do healing for them.

They needs to contribute back to lives of people. Children have to be the focus , everybody who have to be new being, coming on earth, teach them love, they are coming with love, just needs to keep up for them,

Whether anybody contributes or not, shift is going to happen, earth is tired of the pain....

Earth is a part of the source.

Power of the soul, opening up the channels to show up. The coming time, are going to be, their soul power would be the supreme power, and the human will have to follow that...supreme power is all of us together.

Soul never loses the path, they keep repeating, move out of comfort zone. This era is about being in comfort zone.

There is an open step for them. Child who goes to school keeps repeating, as they know what is going to happen. But everytime, they are finished, soul shows a next time.

But it is the human who needs to take one step ahead from what they are doing.
You all as healers have already started that...

You all are going to guide them.

You (Seeker and Therapist) are light workers...when you came out of a source, you took responsibioity of healing everyone around you. You all wanted to be supporters of the other soul. And hence all of you, come in this life, that creates a shift inside, so u can constantly guide.

Now collective work of the healers is going to show up. You will find organization, or alternative therapist, doctors choosing a different lifestyle, more into other forms of healing. This will shift the linear mentality of human beings, and will accept the uncertainity in a most beautiful manner.

- Renuka Gupta , PhD



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