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A Myth - Change is Painless....

We all are wanting to be painfree emotionally or Physically. 

An overweight person has to go through an excercise or diet or surgical ways for becoming normal in weight.

One who has different kinds of body pain goes for different kind of massages, accupressure, accupunture, Physiotherapy, Chiropractor treatment, medical help from Doctors, Holistic Therapies etc etc to be pain free. After one receives a Massage, for some while getting it and for some after receiving it, there is a feeling of soreness in some parts or the body, or just a feeling of tiredness enough to take a nap, before one starts feeling the benefits of a Massage to reduce the pain.

People with acute and chronic illness, have to go through a gruelling routine, like change in life style, taking several medications, some need surgeries and other kinds treatment modalities, to get back to their health, and still, lot of us are not able to obtain a full recovery, regardless of all our efforts. 

Those who have a deep emotional pain caused by loss of a person or a thing, relationship issues, career stress, work stress, business risks with tentions, being childless, etc etc.... we again have to go through a phase of trying to change our lifestyle, way of living, way of thinking, way of behaving. We seek professional help from Medications to Mental Health to Holistic Therapies in order to be free of the emotional pain we feel. It is a known fact that most of us seek help, when this pain is beyond our control, and we can no longer live with this pain. This emotional pain now handicaps ones, professional life, personal life, social life, if help is not saught in time. After months and years of living with a personalit, our habit patterns and principles leading to circumstances causing emotional pain, one seeks help, only to realize that, change is difficult, change is not quick, treatments are not is a process which needs patience and efforts, similar to the efforts mentioned above for being Overweight, Physically ill, or body pain, emotional pain removal process is also painful. Any kind of change from what we were for several, months, years and since the day we were born, is slow, painful and only consistent efforts, patience, and not giving up easily, makes one achieve the required change. 

Any medicine, any surgery, any therapy, any holistic method has the same rule.... Change is NOT Painless.....

Working towards being Pain free is accepting change, and also choosing a far better state, than being in the same state which has given us nothing but more pain, illness, hopelessness and ultimately the cause of ones breakdown.  

We all are given a choice, to accept the constant pain one is in and stay in that state till it becomes untolerable, or to change and accept the fact that change is Not Painless.

Healing to you ! I hope you follow the path - To Change...........

~ Renuka Gupta, PhD



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