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An Energy Healer Trance

Message for Earth, Lost Souls, Free will , Suicide

The parts of mother earth, especially the Amazon, and other countries where people are suffering, negative energies are floating over those countries, like

Africa, most of the African continent, Middle eastern, a dark cloud resides mostly over Asia and Africa, and certain parts of South America.

We all need to do the meditation for healing, to encompass the entire continent of Africa, Asia and South America, and ensure this goes on weekly , it is very imp right now.

Beware that this meditation is done with a group, a single person cannot do it, or negative energy will hang over you otherwise. Always do it in a group, so it is powerful.

Wave of light coming from - India, North America- Near the Rockies, Calgary.

Each one of us can only send unconditional love and light, rest is done in higher dimension. It is important for us to make energy feel larger, with a silent prayer, one fees the same love and light to be healed.

Focus on your self in this present moment. The present is more important. Raising that spiritual energy within you is more imp. The future will come regardless.

As earth shifts and energy rises, the movement here in North America is greater, there are so many healers born here to help the shift, but also the energy can assist shifting the other people. 

My (Ascended souls) energy goes through you to them, keep an open heart, whenever you have certain emotions towards them,that energy is blocked, you must learn to look past their personalities, let the love flow through your heart towards them and all will be well.

Why are souls lost- Their attachment is sole reason they are stuck here on earth. As time goes by what they were attached to no longer exist, any years pass by and they just wander around looking for the release.

Constantly be in the present, and that increases your awareness.

As the energy rises, the soul is more in power, though the human mind can go in many directions, the soul will know and make sure, that you go in the direction that you need to go, as of now as energy shifts, the soul will know.

Human mind is a connection, but as the energy rises, the human brain open up areas, it was not explored in the past, and that will be the connection between the human mind and the soul.

The soul is the eternal witness to all action, as energy rises, the soul will also take the actions, to ensure this journey on earth is fulfilled.

Free will to human mind is an illusion, as the soul has always been free, the soul has chosen what experience the soul wants. The soul has ability to ensure, that everything it has wanted will be fulfilled.

Human free will doesn't exist. The soul can change the soul path anytime it wishes.

Soul initially if it chose to not go through the trasformations at the moment, and so they can leave the human body behind. 


The soul doesn't choose, but it is the human mind that pushes the soul to end the life. It happens when there is little connection between the soul and human mind and the human mind does everything. when a soul takes a humanbody, there is already a decision of how much control human mind needs. The control is with the soul, the human mind will go where it wishes. The soul ensures this human body goes in the direction it is suppposed to go.

Pain and any other emotions, can only be experienced in a human body, so when a soul takes on a human body it is for the experience, so when pain comes along, bodily, mentally or emotional pain, all of these only can be experienced by human body form. So these emotions cling to the soul, in the form of energy, but energy can be released only in human form.

Soul journey is Predestined, so when soul takes birth, they choose which burden to release when. As souls take more births, they release what is to be released, as the souls nears liberation, they release those particles of energy, as it is not in this form, as human body is only a vessel to join the source. On certain dimensions there are things they can let go, and it is only through human body that the feelings and emotions can release.

 - Renuka Gupta, PhD



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