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Arch Angel Raphael says

Messages for Earth and its beings by Arch Angel Raphael

Topics are - Process of healing on Earth, the shifts, year 2020 and year 2021, Message for healers, all beings, Money, food, shelter, clothing will have a new meaning, a better earth, cycles of Karma, unexpected new reality.

Connector - "I see a white bird, like an eagle, on it is sitting Arch Angel Raphael with his team and they are revolving around the earth and every part of earth, every country, evey space whether it is water, air or land. They are spreading healing light on everybody. This has been happening since last ten days and it shall continue for the coming 21 days and even more if required.

This is a process of constant healing, love and harmony that has been showered on planet earth. This is a time when everybody on earth is emitting an energies of anxiety , fear. Many are scared of death and the uncertainties of the future.

Everything is being taken care of, these energies are constantly working with planet earth, way before than anyone have realized it. There are various beings and now with Arch Angel Raphael, the entire angelic realms, all Arch Angels, the future humans, arcturians, Pleiadians, those from planet Sirius, the messengers of light, the guardians of the universe under the guidance of the Divine, almighty, the source, everybody is working in alignment to make it a different sphere altogether.

The space on planet earth will change and is changing, every human is going through this shift inside their bodies, as each one of them have to evolve into a different dimension altogether. The meaning of life has already changed, everyone has faced the adversity that life is very unpredictable. All the planning, all the directions that each one of them had decided for their life has drastically changed.

This is a new step, it could have not been processed easily, as a every new shift has to come with a little turmoil in any plane in this universe and not only earth.

I see all the Guardians, all the Angels, everybody joining their hands together and requesting each human to support each other by doing their bit, and that bit is connecting with their own self. They are urging every human being that they all need to get in touch with themselves. The moment this happens, the virus that they are scared of or the uncertainty of the life that has come on their faces, will all disappear.

It is a mass shift and when the masses shift, it looks difficult, but as the energy is being generated for the mass, for entire planet, it will happen very quickly. For the people on earth might feel like this is never ending. What will happen to their work places, what will happen to their political social structures? What will happen to the contribution they are making towards each other? They all need to be rest assured, it will all settle beautifully."

Arch Angel Raphael - "To all the healers, the connectors the souls who have already begun their journey towards the connection with the Divine, Almighty, continue with your work of contributing into mass awareness. Contribute in diverting their attention from the fear to the seed that is inside them. The seed that connects them to their higher soul, higher beings. Continue processing that for the entire year in the timeline of earth. Many workshops many sessions much work is required on this plane.

As you already received the message given earlier, that Earth is going to shift and the meaning of everything will not remain the same, every aspect of human survival will have a new definition. You can see it as an example in front of you (Covid 19)."
"What is going to happen further on the timeline of earth as asked by you ( therapist)?
So we together show you a better earth, an earth which will be more sensitive to each others needs, survival. You will now find the political scenario of each country will be very different. Every country will come forth to support each other despite their differences.
Every human will reach out to every aspect of this planet to name a few - nature, animal, birds, plants ,micro organisms, the insects, the air water, soil everything will be connected in a different manner.

The importance of food, shelter, clothing, good governments, money that was lost in the last decade will have a new definition .

Everyone needs to contribute in each others life, their own self and the earth as a planet. All the contributions that humans make in their lives will lead to discovering newer means to contribute back. The harmony between nature and humans survival will be restored again. It will be a beautiful sight. There will be certain difficult beings on this planet, not only humans but other beings that are surviving on this planet, who will show resistance to this beautiful consciousness will face further more hazards in the next year.

That hazard will come into play from March to June 2021 and all those heavy energies that are not contributing to this conscious awareness will move out of the earth's plane and come back with renewed energies to contribute.

There are many souls that are also waiting to be incarnated on this planet, to show a better living, lifestyle.

We can say that humans will now understand the meaning of connecting with each other not only physically but through their energetic selves.

This concept had been bizarre for many, but it will now make sense to even the blindfolded scientist. This is the connection that each one of you are building up by abiding to the norms set by each state, each country. There are further more blessings that have been showered on each one of you, Connect with them.

We are also seeing to it that many lost souls and stuck souls on this planet find their space out and their karma's are resolved to turn it to neutral. This is also a part of the blessing. For many human beings, animals, plants the entire earth, the karma's are resolving.

This is the time when you will be more conscious as to what are you contributing, to create a better living on this planet. It is your time to generate newer cycles of karma which are more fruitful rather than lowering your vibrations. This has to be spread to everybody, this is the time of new creation. Utilize it to your highest potentials and you will bear its fruits sooner than you expect."

"We at the energetic realm are very happy to see finally our beloved earth shifted so beautifully. The surge of happiness, joy, love in everybody who is working towards moving earth, to a very unexpected new reality. Now earth is going to define her new dimensional understanding in her unique way. As in this universe there are no repetitions, so it will be entirely a newer space that earth will now define with her inmates, that is all of you."

Therapist- Keep blessing all the humans on earth. I want them to start looking within them instead of fearing of the unknown and the uncertainty. I know that even the fear is playing its role at this moment. But do balance everything on this planet. We need all higher being energies to keep guiding us and support all beings on earth and the earth in itself as an energy ball during this period of shift.

All the higher beings we have connected to so far we are blessed to have you around us and now open as a portal, continuous portal to earth and its beings.

Arch Angel Raphael - "The energies are being showered, soon you will see the earth changing into calmness. When earth is an uncertainty ,it brings the new reality."


"Blessings and love to each one of you."

Therapist - Thank you..

Therapist - Renuka Gupta, PhD, Intra-Inter Galactic Connector -Gurjot Kaur The above session was done using HART, a Psychospiritual Therapy - (psychospiritual healing can be defined as: A therapy method that involves simultaneously engaging the body, mind, and spirit in healing mental health issues, moving beyond problematic life patterns, and overcoming traumatic life experiences)



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