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Arch Angels and Council of Light speaks

Archangel Uriel, Michael, Metatron, Council of light, seven of them speaks today. (Today more personal work was done)

"Hi Renuka this is Arch Angel Michael. My Council is here with you, Angel Uriel and Angel Metatron, because you called us to work on her (Gurjot) body as you have created it as a portal."

(I intuitively use suggestions which somehow correlates with the purpose of the day HART worl is done. Gurjot and me collaborate not just at at human level, but at a deep energy level our path merges together during HART. While I intuitively automatically opened the portals through her body, she was already going within, and consciously she was knowing this and wondered, why this time she is not floating above to reach the higher realms. This is how we collaborate at a deep spiritual level. The unspoken knowing and visions together.)

Work done by Angels on Gurjot

"There are systems that we are putting it right for the physical plane that she (Gurjot) can function and feel empowered.

It is her deeds that give us the space to intervene, it is her openness to give every person around her, to the best of her abilities.

(Today I once again take the opportunity to thank Gurjot to be the Connector to higher realms, the Divine, and being so open in helping specific people with their questions, which are not included in any of the articles, as it is their personal guidance. Today she helped three people apart from the messages shared in this article. She has brought a difference to many souls, by being the connector and bringing the guidance from the Divine)

T- her connections to you all have been a gift for many.

Arch Angel Michael - "We connect to those who come and ask for connections with the higher realms or to realize their true nature because more than the physical body, it is the energy of the soul that functions there and when they come for the quest to understand that, we come to help them through their path. We also serve as protectors guides, we also have the liberty to change tracks for the best of human development or any kind of development in the solar system."

"Renuka you have met me ( Arch Angel Michael) many a times through your dreams"

T- Which I don't remember, thank you for being there.

"Thank you".

T- Speaking of dream, today I had a vivid dream, which I remembered, what was it all about?

"Your dream today was about expansion and absorption, Because if the horizon is more, if the area is more, you expand through various dimensions. It is equally important to absorb the awareness that creep through. It is a very fast changing aspect of the energy field of the cosmos, which you are a part of. There are very different bridges that needs to be crossed to reach to that awareness, which you have been doing quite well, because of your willingness to serve."

Importance of human interactions

"As a human you come to experience this world, so until the patience is generated, there is no progress, so the human interactions should increase, rather than staying away from it.

By not interacting, one cannot tap into energies of other beings on the planet. One needs to also be sensitive to people's needs as everyone is functioning at a different level and the acceptance of those levels takes one through, as it inturn makes one learn. But avoiding these interactions makes you start in the same space and doesn't let you progress."

Everyone is a doer

"From this realm that we are in, the space which is above everyone, where we see how human interactions takes place, everybody is a doer, in their own actions. So if you do not allow yourself to be Angry, hurt others etc... You cannot let others (who are also doers) behave in the same manner. It is very difficult to keep the calm and at the same time do the work one has chosen to do. One also has to understand that we each have Karmas. If you wish to change the behavior of others, which has been impacting you, It is their role to take care of their behavior (Karma and you cannot step into it, to release theirs, even if you want to help them. One can only work on self to find ways to deal with others behavior. We each walk on our own Karmic journeys to release them in a physical human world."

Angel Uriel

"I was waiting for your attention Renuka.

T- Thank God i didn't forget you.

"I will not let you."

T- Haha, Yes ( I sensed Angel Uriel to be the funny one, confirmed by Gurjot after the session. While Arch Angel Michael I sensed to be serious, which was also confirmed after the session)

Angel Uriel - "I am here to protect and guide and cleanse the two little beautiful beings that work along with both of you, they need love as well, so am here to cleanse their bodies and hearts. Working with both of you, they do take up a lot."

T- That's true

"They are now completely happy, cleansed and fine. Shielded well."

T- Beautiful.

(They take up a lot of energies from different clients. I have been observing Angel since past 10 days, strangely he started being more restless and sulking, sitting in front of me only during the time when I had the sessions with my clients online. I knew through previous guidance he works with me to heal clients, which I remembered the 5th day, and told please do not work today, just rest, and he slept in peace. Gurjot was absolutely not aware of all this before todays Hart session, she was told after the session.)


1 yr old, male, budding therapy Cat.

T- Thank you for clearing Angel and Simba.

Angel Uriel - "You know it was Angel who called me"

T - Ohhh, Angel has a range

"Do not doubt that."

T - He keeps seeking my attention and presence, why is that?

"That is your contribution to him."

T- So if I stop giving attention, he will letter to be on his own ?


T- Oh I have to give attention?

Therapy dog, 11 yrs , Male

"Yes, that is the Karma. It comes from a lifetime when Angel was your child, you were a very doting mother. You both stayed together, but somehow there were situations that made him move away from you for a long period of time, so he takes from you all the attention, which he couldn't receive during that life time."

T- Can you work on his separation anxiety coming from his past life.

"You need to ask him to let it all go because you want it, he doesn't, we need his permission to work upon him."

T- Angel give your permission whenever you are ready and call Angel Uriel.

Angel Metatron works

Angel Uriel explains- "We have Angel Metatron who is placing the grids of absorbing positive energy in Angels heart, Simbas heart and also in yours and Gurjot heart. These grids that helps all four of you to expand and absorb and contribute."

T- Thank you very much.

By Renuka Gupta, PhD, using HART Gurjot Kaur, Inter-Intra Galactic connector



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