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Ascension , Karmas and Selfishness

Another client reveals in deep trance using HART Technique

Ascension , Karmas and Selfishness

Become aware of the surroundings, even ask yourself why are you here. What is your purpose? Even the purpose behind your actions, become aware. Become present, as you become present, you realize every moment of your life is a precious moment. You are merely a soul in a human body. The body will perish, but the soul will live on.

Some are here to experience the ascension and light the world, the others are rarely here and that is it.

There will be a time, when the energies will rise even higher, and only souls who have come on earth to live in same energetic field will remain. In earth's time, ascension will come fully in 2029.

How should humans prepare for ascension ?

There is nothing to be prepared for, every soul has chosen their own journey, those who are meant to stay will remain. Those who are not meant to stay will go. Those who are not meant to ascend will be reborn.

The true factor is, that once the soul has realized that they are merely a soul having a human experience, elevating to the energies of the earth, they become responsible for themselves, as it is no longer a blind game, they know the power of their words , they know the power of their thoughts, they know the energetic fields.

To know the truth, and yet remaining inactive is not right and will bear consequences, Karmic consequences.

Describe what are Karmas, and how will it have a negative consequence?

Karma is basically action, but the intention behind your action plays a major role. Knowing the consequences and still not taking any action , bears negative karma, your actions depict future consequences, so as souls who are waking up,who are aware that they are in a human body, it is their responsibility that they make choices for the greater good, because at the end all are one.

There should be no selfishness. The selfishness is a very scarce single minded third dimension attribute. Having that quality and still being aware does not match with the earth vibrations. Hence resulting in negative consequences.

By Renuka Gupta, PhD

Using HART Technique (  learn more about HART).



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