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Ascensions - Decensions

How each soul spiritually ascends to Moksh and Nothingness.

Every soul has a journey, where within one lifetime, every moment, every fraction of a second they are ascending and descending. Both the Spiritual Ascension and Decension are not constant.

This video is a representation of how one soul journey across different forms, dimensions , galaxies takes place.

One ring is, one life time, in that same lifetime one goes through both Ascension and Decension. If a soul raises ones vibrations in that life time, by making more life choices leading to ascension, then it goes to another ring above in their next birth in an ascended state, although descending will always be a part of every journey.

Every birth comes with its own challenges, set by you (your soul). We all bring back the learnings of that lifetime, back to our soul home, where we meet the soul groups and add or share the learnings.

A soul began its journey as a complete, Divine form, and explored as soul energies in different forms by spreading to different spaces , also created by the Divine soul.

The Journey of each soul in any form, in any dimension is, to go back to the complete Divine form it once was.

It is asthough, the Divine soul ultimately sees the completeness it always had. Currently the humans are also going through that same learning, to realize that they are complete, they are loved the way they are. As it is this love one feels within, which is the same energy which we sensed while we were all a part of the Divine in Nothingness.

Each energy beings journey in this universe is to realize and sense the love within, which do not require any new creations, but a deep awareness coming out of acceptance of whoever you are in this moment.

It is time to keep ascending into nothingness.. Let the Decending be a phase of acceptance, leading to Ascension.

Energies are not destroyed, energies are shifted. May we all by being in acceptance shift our energies to spiritually Ascend into Nothingness..

Love yourself , and you only sense love around. Love is flowing and still. Love dissolves and it exists at the same time. Love is you as a human and soul at the same time. Love is the end and remain endless at the same time.

Renuka Gupta, PhD 💟

Claircognizant Knowings



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