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Being in the Moment..

What is Just being in the Moment ?

For the one who lives in the moment, can anger or any other emotion be a part of this moment? While living in the moment, can we have emotions ?

Answer -

It is true, by being in the moment, there is no presence of any emotions... How, Why?
Let me explain this to you with an example if one is feeling Angry in this moment, the emotion of Anger felt, is created by a thought of the past, or it can be an immediate past, just a min back too. While in this very moment, if ones thoughts do not live in the past, it is living in the moment, then there will be no emotions of Anger within.

Let me explain this once again with another example. Emotion of fear, it could be felt in this moment, but it is arising from a thought, "What if this will happen"?, "what if like in the past, again something is going to happen".? So the thoughts are in the future, so once again in this very moment, the fear sensed is a product of the thoughts of the future.

So Just be, or living in this moment is, no longer creating thoughts......

Now some will feel it extremely difficult to grasp and them bring it to ones life in doing. It is a difficult experiential learning too, to 'Just be in the moment'....

Let me add one more "Knowing" today to the concept shared above...

When you are not living in the moment, and you are creating things in your mind, you are actually creating, manifesting a reality to occur in your future.

So if one reaches a state of not 'creating' most of the time, then the future consequences as thought by us, it all fizzles out, vanishes, never occurs.

I am not expecting all to understand these concepts, which are not to be understood rather lived, experienced. But keep it in the back of your mind and I am sure, some will absorb this today, as they have in-between realized this very thing I explained above.

Blessings to all. 😊🙌🏻🙌🏻

By Renuka Gupta, PhD



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