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Beyond the Law of Attraction

The Law of attraction is based on the idea that positive thoughts attract Positivity in ones Life, while negative attracts negative, and so begins the Journey of thinking, creating Positive thoughts, being consistent with those thoughts in a day to day basis, to receive the gift we have desired for our Life.

The Law of attraction does work for many, especially those who have the habit of seeing the half empty glass everywhere. It generates more positive thoughts, and thoughts are energy, like attracts like. Whatever thought energies one creates, it manifests and becomes a part of our reality.

The Law of attraction works, but not always and for all. The over thinkers, those with a restless mind, those who have too many stressors in Life, in such circumstances, reminding oneself to stay positive can also lead to drain ones energy or cause a state of frustration enough to do more damage to ones life.

So why does this Philosophy not work with all, the simple answer is, we are trying to create a form of energy, i.e. positive thoughts, by rejecting, denying, not accepting the things happening in our reality.

Not all Life stressors can be taken care of by Positive thinking or the law of attraction, sometimes all our positive thinking with minimal or no efforts can still reap results which do not give us what we desire.

This is where I would like to introduce the concept of Destiny, the Soul's Life script , Universal fate or whatever you wish to call it. Many a times, there are things or paths which are just not made for us, or right for us, so what we have been trying to desire, may never be a part of our Life Journey. Here is where, the concept of acceptance also comes into play.

I often tell people, if you are struggling with something, you have tried hard at something, you have exhausted yourself with multiple attempts, it simply means, that goal, that path is not for you. The universe has carved something else, and usually far better than what you have carved for yourself. It is just that, we do not see it now, but we realize it after we have passed the phase of exhaustion, regret, sadness of not achieving something.

When one comes across a different path, by mode of "Acceptance" and just going with the flow, and doing the best open-heartedly one comes across the goals far better than what we ever imagined.

There is something far more powerful than the Law of Attraction.... and that is the 'voice' of your own Heart, which we try to ignore, silence or just dismiss, as out Mind, our thoughts are wanting something else or fearing walking on a certain path shown by our Heart.

Law of Attraction is also eventually a practice of Mind Chatter, Over thinking and some might get obsessive about Positive thinking in hopes of receiving the Desired outcome, whereas the truth is, do not let your Mind show you the way, just open yourself to the voice of your Heart, and it will show you the entire way. That is when you no longer will struggle, although hurdles will be there in Life, but it will no longer be a huge Block.

Reduce the Thought Energy of Positive Thinking to receive a desired outcomes, Rather accept , be aware, listen to your heart and it will guide you to the Destiny you are supposed to walk upon, for which you are born.

You are already a Universal Energy, far more profound, the thoughts are the energies of this Physical world...The Earth. Tap into your energy, which is a connection of your heart to the entire universe.

Blessings and Healing

Dr. Renuka Gupta, PhD, HART Founder

(Rens is my Pen Name 🙏)



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